Mercury Retrograde January 2016

Hi all – I’m back after a temporary (necessary) blogging hiatus! It’s been a busy holiday season, but now that my duties have eased a bit I have put together a video discussing the nuts & bolts of the upcoming Mercury retrograde (Rx) in January, which runs from the 5th through the 25th. Humorously enough, it’s worth mentioning that I did have some odd tech glitches while making the vid, so it seems as if our Trickster friend is already making himself known! 😉 😀


Mercury Stations Retrograde In Libra


“I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…

I don’t wanna hear
I don’t wanna know
Please don’t say you’re sorry
I’ve heard it all before…”

Oh boy – what an apt song this is with Mercury about to station retrograde in Libra, LOL…!

Have you ever had the same discussion with a Significant Other over and over, like a broken record? Asked them nicely and repeatedly for the same point of consideration, only to have it fall on deaf ears?  Squabbled with them over the same. damn. thing. time and time again?  Gotten so sick of hearing the words “I’m sorry” that even years afterward these two words tend to either trigger A) nausea or B) some kind of post traumatic stress-induced response, LOL? True story: I once had a partner who would only bring me flowers when he screwed up.  It got so bad that I eventually had to tell (read: yell at) him to stop giving me flowers, as the negative mental association I was beginning to form with cut and carefully arranged flora was proving a bit too much for me – I was essentially being conditioned by these repetitious experiences to associate a man giving me a bouquet with something bad.  Like Pavlov’s dog, only more traumatic, LMAO!

So if you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you might want to strap in because there may be a lot of these kinds of things going around over the next several weeks with Mercury retrograding in Libra – especially given its contact to Pluto at the beginning of this timeframe.  I foresee substantial potential for circular dialog occurring with this energy in play – this could manifest as repetitive discussion between partners and/or regarding the topic of partnership matters in general…couples will be hashing things out, others will be re-negotiating the terms of their agreements or re-thinking a particular union/alliance. So for all intents and purposes, we should be prepared for the distinct possibility of having the same conversation with someone more than once during this period.  Not everyone will do this politely, either – at the outset of Mercury’s backtrack a loose opposition between Mercury and Uranus can ramp up the potential at that something shocking may be said  if/when other, more polite methods of trying to get our message across fail.  Some may even resort to calling a relationship off (or at least threatening to call it off) if the communication dynamic doesn’t change within a partnership.  And change it must, with Uranus & Pluto involved!

TrapThose of us who are single aren’t out of the woods, either – ever have that one ex who is prone to ringing you up every so often?  Yup, Mercury retrograde in Libra can reconnect us to past partners just as easily as it can herald talks with a current one! In mythology, Mercury was the guide who shepherded souls to the Underworld, so he’s quite accustomed to having contact with Dead Things.  You know what I mean, right – the ex who repeatedly apologizes, begs for forgiveness, and asks you to take them back?  Or who uses a bunch of silver-tongued words in the hopes of ingratiating themselves to you (why hello Mercury in Libra in a SEXtile to Venus in Leo!) and luring you back into their boudoir?  It’s a traaaaaaap, LOL! No, seriously – it just might be with Mercury stationing in a square to Pluto, so definitely don’t buy any lines someone tries to feed you about how they “think about you all the time” or “just want to talk to you to get some closure”!  With Mercury retrograding in a square to Pluto even if you’re the one who thinks about them constantly or who is obsessively looking for “resolution”, you’re probably far better off just hanging up, letting the line go dead, then deleting them from your contacts (if you haven’t already done so).  If all else fails, you can always change your number, LOL.

I realize sometimes this may be easier said than done when there are children involved and we share joint parenting responsibilities with a former partner.  In this case, keep dialog as polite and civil as possible while maintaining a laser-focus upon the task at hand; i.e. your kids. If you/your ex have re-partnered with somebody else, dealing with step-parent issues can get particularly tricky and will need to be handled with tact and finesse.  Friendly distance is generally best, as detachment it makes it that much easier to stay cool.


Mercury Square Neptune

Some tips & tricks for surviving & thriving under Mercury square Neptune. With this energy in play through June 23rd, be aware of literal (as in, while driving) and metaphorical “blind spots”!


Begone, Mercury Retrograde!

MercRxIf everyone followed astrology, I’m firmly convinced the world would run a whole lot better! Major telecommunications providers would know better than to schedule a buyout of another competing telecom co. during a Mercury retrograde phase – ESPECIALLY on the days when Mercury transitions from direct movement to retrograde motion or vice versa (called the “stations” in astro-lingo) if they want things to go smoothly! Why? Telecommunications is a field completely under Mercury’s dominion and thus is heavily affected by this planet’s movements, and all kinds of technology & communications-related mayhem can ensue on these days. Now obviously if a telecom company is trying to break into a new market area, they would want to start off on a good note and *not* have any major service outages or issues on the phone, TV, & internet services they’re providing to their brand new customers. In fact, if one was to consult an astrologer expressly for this purpose and say “Hey, I own this telecommunications company and am looking for an ideal day to seal the deal on the buyout of this other company – what would be a good date for me to do this?”, rest assured the very LAST day an astrologer would EVER recommend for this purpose would be a day where Mercury was stationing!

So I chuckled heartily to myself and with more than a touch of underlying annoyance when just such a thing happened – a few moments after wondering what was going on with my internet service, it dawned on me this was exactly what had happened! OF COURSE this would happen today of all days, sheesh! Of course these companies decided to make this big transition on a day when Mercury was stationing – it was a textbook example of astro-ignorance at its very finest (or is that very worst, LOL?). At this moment, I should also take the time to mention there are other fields likely to be strongly affected by Mercury retrograde:

Publishing & printing – Whether you’re a sign maker, have a printing press company that produces tangible things like business cards & flyers, own a social media marketing firm, run an editing company, have a publishing company, or if you’re a blogger, note that Mercury has dominion over the written word. This means during a Mercury retrograde (particularly when this planet is stationing), we could be plagued by things like typos, layout issues, font problems, autocorrect fails, and random weird tech issues like hyperlinks not working the way they should. Mercury signifies the details and it may be little things we might not notice at first, so it pays to either come back later to take a second look at something we’re writing or else get a second pair of eyes to look it over.

I.T. – The I.T. field is very affected by Mercury retrograde as a whole and is likely to be hoppin’ during these phases – we’re much more likely to encounter computer issues such as viruses, corrupt data, our computers just plain freezing up or crapping out, etc.. Ahead of these periods, I always advise triple checking that we’ve backed up our data “just in case” – at least then if there’s an issue, it’s not likely to be catastrophic. Also: Unless you HAVE TO, Mercury retrogrades are NOT times to buy new computers or tech gadgets on a whim! If you have no other choice because your computer died, it’s one thing, but if it’s not an absolute necessity it’s better to wait until well after Mercury turns direct because the chances are higher that we’ll either have issues with this new machine as well or else have difficulty getting used to this new unit. This would especially not be a good time to do something like, say, transition from a PC to a Mac or vice versa because it’s likely to be headache city!

Media/journalism – Double and triple check the facts if we’re in these fields, because the tendency is to *not* have all the information when Mercury is retrograde. Rather than risk speaking out of turn, it’s important to perform our due diligence to make sure we have everything straight, because the tendency to speak without thinking is increased. These periods are when we’re likely to see things like newscasters so in a rush to get the hot scoop, that initial reports are often disproven, disputed, or not what they first appear. Sources might not be credible, something gets taken out of context, or misinformation is given, for example. It’s rather like a game of telephone – as the story goes along it can change and there’s a good possibility what’s initially reported is not what actually happened – this is why waiting & making sure we’re covering all the angles becomes so important.

Transportation – Whether we’re a cab driver, a mechanic, or a commuter, Mercury has dominion over our day-to-day modes of transport like cars, trains, subways, and busses. Traffic jams and travel delays are more common during Mercury retrograde, so it’s good to leave extra time to get where we’re going. Accidents – especially from distracted driving – are more commonplace as well, so definitely make it a point to put down those devices during the 3 weeks Mercury backtracks to help avert this possibility. Car problems can act up at this time as well (and it’s entirely possible to get a wrong diagnosis on whatever mechanical issues you’re experiencing at this time, which can be pricey!) – this is another one of those instances where it’s best to bring your car in for regular maintenance well before the retrograde phase, because if we don’t and have been neglecting our cars, the likelihood is higher that something will surface then.

Sales – Mercury is the wheeler-and-dealer of the zodiac since he has the gift of gab, so the sales field is where he shines! During Mercury retro, however, we may find ourselves tongue-tied, our prospective customers might not know what they’re looking for or later change their minds, and it’s harder to make handshake deals that work to everyone’s advantage where each party walks away from the deal satisfied. During Mercury Rx, we’re better served re-visiting old sales leads, calling up old accounts and seeing if there’s anything we can do to service them, and generally expending effort re-connecting with people rather than trying to use that gift of gab to bring in new customers – this also applies to advertising.

Healthcare – Aside from the normal hiccups that can occur from double-booking, over-booking, people forgetting about or otherwise missing their appointments entirely during Mercury retro, taking extra care to arrive at a correct diagnosis is important during this phase. Patients may be more inclined towards unusual presentations, there may be a piece of the diagnosis puzzle that’s missing, or it winds up being the proverbial “zebra” diagnosis, for example. Patients may also be inclined to do things like leave out pertinent info when describing their symptoms or think another issue they’re having is unrelated and thus not bring it up during consultation, or forget to disclose what other medications/supplements they’re taking – things like this. Also? If a paper script is given out, make sure the handwriting is legible and double check the pharmacy gives the correct medication AND dosage amount – mixups like this can happen during Mercury retrograde!

Customer service – This is a tough field during Mercury retrogrades, because people are more inclined to experience problems with products or services and thus more likely to have complaints. Long phone wait times (also due Mercury Rx) can obviously add to a disgruntled customer’s annoyance, so it’s important to let customers know their frustrations are heard & understood and to be able to think of outside-the-box solutions to remedy the problem if conventional means are not resolving the issue.

That’s a quick (but not exhaustive) list of fields highly impacted by Mercury retrogrades! Hopefully going forward, if we work in these fields or are involved in them for any reason we can refer back to this list to understand the possible implications the next time Mercury is retrogrades in order to help things run a little more smoothly – the next Mercury retrograde is January 21st, 2015, so let’s make it a point to get our ducks in a row well before then!