Cars & Mercury Retrograde

We always seem to hear about the scheduling SNAFUS, communication challenges, and tech fails associated with Mercury retrograde periods as a whole – many astrologers will advise their clients not to sign anything, to take extra care spelling things out when dialoging with others, and to backup all data, for example. But while we may hear the occasional word of caution about possible travel delays/problems, I find I often don’t hear much about Mercury retrograde’s effects upon our wheels, which strikes me as odd – cars are Mercury’s domain too, remember?

I’ve always found that Mercury retrogrades tend to be tough on anything automotive-related as a whole…anything from breakdowns, to accidents, to our cars suddenly developing weird quirks or making strange sounds, to (mis)diagnosed mechanical issues, to going in for something as basic as an oil change and then finding out you need major repairs of one stripe or another – you name it. For example, if I had a client come to me who wanted to make a cross-country road trip during Mercury Rx, I’d advise them to 1) think about rescheduling/postponing if possible 2) have their vehicle looked over very thoroughly by a good mechanic well ahead of the Rx period if moving the date of the trip weren’t an option. (Sidenote: These times are also somewhat notorious for having our GPS lie to us like a rug, LOL – a map and/or printed directions may well save our bacon when this planet backtracks, but that’s a transportation-related tangent for another time.)

Still not entirely convinced that automobiles can be affected by Mercury Rx? Have I got a good little story for you, LOL! I was chatting with an acquaintance (who doesn’t know I’m an astrologer, BTW) yesterday and he’s a bit of a hobbyist gearhead. Like all good motorphiles, he has himself a suped-up set of wheels and was relating to me the trials and tribulations he’s been dealing with regarding a supercharger he recently purchased for his car (unbeknownst to him, during this recent Mercury Rx). Superchargers are computer-controlled organisms, and he was experiencing some software compatibility issues that were preventing him from being able to properly tune his car. You can’t just bolt one of these things on and then you’re good to go, no – you actually have to “marry” (not kidding – that’s the actual terminology used in the automotive world!) the supercharger to the car and once that’s done that supercharger will only work on that car unless you go through the steps to “unmarry” it (LOL, I personally think that “divorce” is a more appropriate word!) if you want to use that supercharger on another vehicle or sell it to someone else. Now I ask you, with this current Mercury retrograde taking place in marriage-minded LIBRA, do you think it’s just a coincidence that my friend was experiencing problems getting his supercharger MARRIED to his CAR??

NOW do you believe me, LOL? I think this anecdote provides a perfect case-in-point of how our wheels are indeed affected by Mercury’s movements! This is why I love astrology – everyone can benefit from knowing what’s going on in the skies, whether you’re a regular blue-collar guy or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Thinking about tweaking your car during Mercury Rx? Might wanna think again! And as we are a mere 24 hours away from Mercury resuming direct motion at this point, may I delicately suggest that today might be a less-than-ideal time to consider tearing your engine apart for a complete overhaul?  😉

Don't believe Mercury retrograde affects cars? Look very closely at the badge above the grille - it says it all! Image credit: Kaz Andrew
Don’t believe Mercury retrograde affects cars? Look very closely at the badge above the grille – it says it all! Image credit: Kaz Andrew


Mercury In Libra

With Mercury remaining in Libra until November 2nd due its current retrograde motion, it’s certainly as good a time as any for a thorough discussion of the pros and cons of this particular astrological placement! Libra is a sign known for its social graces and when Mercury travels here this brings a sense of refinement to the mind and mouth, resulting in conversational poise and finesse. I think of this energy as very European in a way; two airy kisses on the cheek coupled with a “Dahling, we simply *must* do lunch!” It’s the Libran way to be charming, polite, and agreeable – if occasionally a bit flowery – and when Mercury travels through this sign these qualities come through in how we communicate. Yet there are two sides to every coin, as every astrological energy has its strengths and drawbacks, and this one is certainly no exception…

Mercury In Libra: The Art Nouveau Mercury!
Mercury in Libra: The Art Nouveau Mercury!

On one hand this placement blesses our words with a natural ease and elegance – Mercury is a smooth-as-silk, silver-tongued little imp when visiting Libra; one who may be fond of using honeyed words punctuated with terms of endearment like “sweetie”, “hon”, “sugar”, or “darlin’”. Mercury makes a good conversationalist when found in this sign because it seems to have a natural knack for being able to say things that put others at ease. Libra’s natural consideration for others allows this planet to find common ground quite easily in any discussion, while good manners, mindfulness of etiquette, and a preference for pleasantness help in gliding delicately away from verbal faux pas and tempestuous topics. When found here, Mercury can also make a skilled negotiator/mediator who knows how to reach agreements through compromise and thinking about the win/win scenario.

But for a balanced discussion (something Mercury in Libra *adores*, BTW) of this energy, we must also look to the other end of the spectrum. Lo-Fi Mercury in Libra is often …Read More…

Mercury Stations Retrograde In Libra


“I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…
I’ve heard it all before…

I don’t wanna hear
I don’t wanna know
Please don’t say you’re sorry
I’ve heard it all before…”

Oh boy – what an apt song this is with Mercury about to station retrograde in Libra, LOL…!

Have you ever had the same discussion with a Significant Other over and over, like a broken record? Asked them nicely and repeatedly for the same point of consideration, only to have it fall on deaf ears?  Squabbled with them over the same. damn. thing. time and time again?  Gotten so sick of hearing the words “I’m sorry” that even years afterward these two words tend to either trigger A) nausea or B) some kind of post traumatic stress-induced response, LOL? True story: I once had a partner who would only bring me flowers when he screwed up.  It got so bad that I eventually had to tell (read: yell at) him to stop giving me flowers, as the negative mental association I was beginning to form with cut and carefully arranged flora was proving a bit too much for me – I was essentially being conditioned by these repetitious experiences to associate a man giving me a bouquet with something bad.  Like Pavlov’s dog, only more traumatic, LMAO!

So if you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you might want to strap in because there may be a lot of these kinds of things going around over the next several weeks with Mercury retrograding in Libra – especially given its contact to Pluto at the beginning of this timeframe.  I foresee substantial potential for circular dialog occurring with this energy in play – this could manifest as repetitive discussion between partners and/or regarding the topic of partnership matters in general…couples will be hashing things out, others will be re-negotiating the terms of their agreements or re-thinking a particular union/alliance. So for all intents and purposes, we should be prepared for the distinct possibility of having the same conversation with someone more than once during this period.  Not everyone will do this politely, either – at the outset of Mercury’s backtrack a loose opposition between Mercury and Uranus can ramp up the potential at that something shocking may be said  if/when other, more polite methods of trying to get our message across fail.  Some may even resort to calling a relationship off (or at least threatening to call it off) if the communication dynamic doesn’t change within a partnership.  And change it must, with Uranus & Pluto involved!

TrapThose of us who are single aren’t out of the woods, either – ever have that one ex who is prone to ringing you up every so often?  Yup, Mercury retrograde in Libra can reconnect us to past partners just as easily as it can herald talks with a current one! In mythology, Mercury was the guide who shepherded souls to the Underworld, so he’s quite accustomed to having contact with Dead Things.  You know what I mean, right – the ex who repeatedly apologizes, begs for forgiveness, and asks you to take them back?  Or who uses a bunch of silver-tongued words in the hopes of ingratiating themselves to you (why hello Mercury in Libra in a SEXtile to Venus in Leo!) and luring you back into their boudoir?  It’s a traaaaaaap, LOL! No, seriously – it just might be with Mercury stationing in a square to Pluto, so definitely don’t buy any lines someone tries to feed you about how they “think about you all the time” or “just want to talk to you to get some closure”!  With Mercury retrograding in a square to Pluto even if you’re the one who thinks about them constantly or who is obsessively looking for “resolution”, you’re probably far better off just hanging up, letting the line go dead, then deleting them from your contacts (if you haven’t already done so).  If all else fails, you can always change your number, LOL.

I realize sometimes this may be easier said than done when there are children involved and we share joint parenting responsibilities with a former partner.  In this case, keep dialog as polite and civil as possible while maintaining a laser-focus upon the task at hand; i.e. your kids. If you/your ex have re-partnered with somebody else, dealing with step-parent issues can get particularly tricky and will need to be handled with tact and finesse.  Friendly distance is generally best, as detachment it makes it that much easier to stay cool.