An Astrological Date With Destiny

Every so often there are certain energetic portals that open to us and offer transport to places – or perhaps states of being – beyond our imagining.  Energetically speaking, it’s as if we have a Date with Destiny and it’s possible to predict when such instances may occur by tracking the movement of the Moon’s Nodes.  The Nodes are like invisible astrological vortices that pull us toward the Future (North Node) or Past (South Node), and when they come into contact with an individual’s Sun by transit or progression it’s as if kismet is in play.

While any planet or point in the nativity can certainly be touched by the Nodes, the Sun is a highly personal point that represents the eternal spark of the Divine residing in each and every one of us.  When the Nodes cross the Sun by transit or progression, I liken it to being touched by the hand of God – while we can’t *see* Divinity, our consciousness becomes activated in such a way where we often get the strong sense that fated situations, meetings, and events are in fact occurring in our lives.

The South Node passing over our Sun tends to kick up residue from the Past – regarding our current incarnation and/or perhaps lifetimes prior if our philosophy allows us to be open to such views – for the sake of bringing closure to our Now.  Vaguely familiar old habits, situations, patterns, and people beam into our lives but in a way that might not be the most conducive to our soul’s evolution because we’re less inclined to be put outside of our comfort zones.

By contrast, the North Node crossing our Sun is a transport vehicle toward our Future Self – it often brings challenging but rewarding circumstances that serve as a cosmic invitation to self-actualize. North Node influenced situations or interactions tend to give us the sense of “Well, this is new for me; I’ve never done this before” yet ideally confidence inspires us to make that leap and embrace the soul’s journey into new and unfamiliar territory.

Though there is no hard-and-fast rule regarding a particular age at which we experience the influence of the Nodes crossing over our Sun since this largely depends upon how close our birth was in proximity to an eclipse, by transit the Nodes make one full lap around the zodiac about every 18 years and a half cycle roughly every 9.  So once you determine when the last or next time this happen(ed)(s) for you is, all you have to do is look ahead at 9 or 18 years to see when your next astrological Date with Destiny is.


Mercury Lingers On The Libra North Node….

Mercury has been in close proximity to the Moon’s North Node for what seems like eons now – because this planet’s movement was slowed and then halted by its recent change of direction last Friday, it has virtually been kept right on top of the fated point that symbolizes where maximum soul-growth lies. I always associate the North Node with some of our greatest spiritual lessons of the moment, and when it falls in Libra this often has to do with relating to others. Mercury fusing itself to this point – as it has for roughly the last week – brings communication dynamics in relationships to the fore and asks us to consider a few key themes.

The first item brought to mind with Mercury in Libra joined to the North Node, is that it’s generally a good time to consider abiding by the old “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” axiom. With Mercury and Venus currently in mutual reception to one another we catch more flies with honey anyway, so before opening up our mouths to say something critical or rude we might want to take a time-out to reflect upon this. It takes an equal (if not lesser) expenditure of mental and verbal energy to verbalize something complimentary or to simply say nothing at all rather than voice something negative, and with Mercury and Saturn currently in also in contact with each other, when we’re feeling compelled to say something “not nice” it is often better to just hold our tongue.

Mercury on the Libra North Node is also a call to mind our manners – saying things like “pardon me”, “please”, and “thank you”, go a long way now and may actually facilitate agreeable conversations that have a hand in shaping our destiny. For example, under this energy it’s entirely possible to make polite conversation with someone while standing in line somewhere running routine errands, and then to later go to a job interview to find out the person you were chatting with is actually your would-be employer…! Aren’t you glad you were courteous and made pleasant small talk? Imagine if you hadn’t been quite so polite and charming…! My point is no dialog can really be considered insignificant when Mercury joins with the North Node, so why not make it a point to say things that are polite and agreeable as a general rule?

Third, Mercury hovering over this point also tends to bring up a lot of important conversations about relationships. The sweetness of Mercury in Libra can be used, for example, to let others know we like them – we could even go so far as to use this energy to tell someone we love them. Perhaps instead we find ourselves weighing some important decisions about a partnership and needing to have a crucial discussion with a Significant Other. We could also use the verbal finesse of this pairing to bring people together to facilitate harmonious agreements or negotiate some kind of metaphorical peace treaty.

Mercury remains within close proximity to the Libra North Node through Wednesday, so it’s good to keep all of this in mind at least for the next few days – if not for the entirety of Mercury’s remaining stay in Libra, which will last until November 2nd.