The Venus/Jupiter Mutual Reception

venusjupitermutualreceptionWith the ongoing energy exchange between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra reaching a peak this week (on 10/26/2016), now is certainly a good time to discuss some of the energetic implications of this mutual reception!

Let’s begin by appreciating all the different forms “beautiful” can take, as the Hi-Fi side of this energy values diversity and finds that Good Things can come in an abundance of packages…including Love.  This mutual reception opens our eyes up to the fact that “attractive” exists in so many shapes/sizes/colors and helps us realize that mutual affinity surpasses all cultural, political, and/or racial bounds to become an all-encompassing Higher Principle.  When this vibe is done well, we do not “judge a book by its cover” and prefer instead to perceive the loveliness and goodness residing in Others on a greater level.  We become open-minded, peaceful, and tolerant regarding our differences while bonding over the positive qualities we share in common with those from other nations, religions, ethnicities, and/or philosophical beliefs – if relationships are said to be the mirrors of the soul, perhaps then our ability to do so is merely a reflection of the goodness and beauty within!

On a physical level, an appreciation for ethnic beauty is especially highlighted by this energetic pairing and this vibe generally gives a liking for the more exotic. Love your nationality, skin tone, or anything about your features or “look” that might distinguish you as hailing from a different background or part of the world because it is GORGEOUS!  ❤   There is no one-size-fits-all cookie cutter when it comes to “beautiful”, after all!

It should be noted that on a mundane level this energy favors linking up with a partner for the purposes of travel, or for any scenario that entails mutual growth and benefit. Companionship fosters exploration and understanding, and can be very, VERY good for us now!  How do others enhance your life, and how can you best enhance theirs?  Reciprocal blessings are certainly a keynote of the current Venus/Jupiter atmosphere.

On a more spiritual level, we may find ourselves attracted to different faiths, social customs, or philosophies during this mutual reception – if so, it’s definitely something to explore because there may be something we learn that aligns/harmonizes with our own viewpoint and becomes hugely beneficial to us.

The motto: Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open  ❤


Venus & Jupiter In Leo Square Saturn In Scorpio

What an astrological clash we have going these next few days! On one hand we have this fun & fiery, creatively expanding, heart-opening, confidence-boosting, life-affirming, growth-oriented relationship potential that seems to carry a surplus of abundance and joy – Venus and Jupiter are the Lesser & Greater Benefics, respectively, and when they join with one another our blessings tend overflow on an astrological level. But this duo squares an intensely “all business” Saturn in Scorpio, threatening to dampen the festivities.

There are two big keynotes that tend to stand out to me regarding Saturn in Scorpio; these are the concepts of “psychological blockages” and also “obstacles to intimacy”. There seems to be some kind of hesitation in going deeper….could we perhaps be protecting ourselves with some kind of mask or cloaking device; harboring a growth-limiting fear of being physically, emotionally, or psychologically “naked” in relationships? Saturn in Scorpio can be a definite fear of exposure, one that may stem from the experience of an old and possibly unresolved trauma similar to the saying “once bitten, twice shy”. But something does seem to be getting in the way in relationships; perhaps a psychological obstacle where we may need to get a handle on some internal demons. I sense a huge potential self-love issue here with Venus currently retrograding in Leo next to Jupiter, and Venus/Saturn squares do tend to point to possible issues regarding self-worth. The impetus for this post actually arose because I awoke the other morning with this song inexplicably in my mind, and if you’re familiar with the lyrics at all you’ll definitely see how it parallels the astro in some ways:

Many a time have I seen a Venus/Saturn individual settle for meager crumbs in a relationship because on some deep and internalized level they felt like that was all they were worth. Often this stems from some kind of lack, as the parental model may have been inclined to be one where affection was scarce. And since we *are* currently dealing with Saturn in Scorpio, I think it behooves us to examine the attitudes or beliefs about love we may have inherited from our parents, because they may be quite outdated and getting in the way of all this Venus/Jupiter bounty. See, the Venus/Saturn inclination may be to believe this opportunity standing right in front of its eyes is too good, so it approaches with caution and suspicion; insisting such love is only the kind found in childrens’ storybooks and can’t be real. How wrong Venus/Saturn would be, though, in that assessment – the goods *are* there; abundantly so. In true Jupiter square Saturn fashion, it may be our perspective that’s all wrong, where we are limited by the darkness instead of looking to the light. So what is the internal subtext getting in the way here, and what are we wiling to work on and through so that we might claim the blessings Venus & Jupiter have to offer that we are indeed so deserving of?

“Oh, so just let me try
And I will be good to you
Just let me try
And I will be there for you
I’ll show you why
You’re so much more than good enough…”

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning – with a trine between Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio also going at the same time – this is not the time to hold our feelings in and it absolutely IS a time to confront the effects of the past upon the present. I see this as potentially being an emotional clot-buster of an influence, especially when we take into account the Moon also hitting Aries during the height of this square (August 4th & 5th) and thus amping up Mars via mutual reception. Mars is in its fall in Cancer, and there can be a strong predisposition to have all these competing feelings eddying around within and vying for dominance as our desires wax and wane. But the internal conflict that can surface during this square may just be enough to get us to act on our feelings and push us through any psychological walls that have prevented intimacy. So confront those feelings head-on, because facing our fears and/or inhibitions pays off with Mars/Saturn contacts. Take a calculated risk in being forward about how you feel, even…because emotional bravery may well be rewarded.