Adios, Jupiter In Virgo…

JupiterInVirgo…and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out! Jupiter is leaving Virgo (where it has spent the last year) for Libra on 9/9/2016 – look at the numerological significance of that date; the ninth day of the ninth month of a nine year…looks to me like the close of a cycle for sure! It’s not as if there haven’t been benefits – the last year has been a great opportunity to optimize health, for one. For two, it’s certainly been helpful for living a more organized, efficient, and cleanly lifestyle. But I’ve grown oh-so-tired of the preachy dietary and wellness evangelists who think their “way” is the only “right” way under the Jupiter in Virgo vibe. I’m weary of vacation feeling more like procrastination because there’s been so much work to do. I am grateful for the work and love what I do, but time off means the tasks just pile up – unfortunately there aren’t any helpful little birdies or mice doing chores for Cinderella while she’s away at the ball so she can enjoy a worry & guilt-free night off, LOL!

VirgoOnThe good thing about being busy, though, is it forces you to be more efficient. You figure out how to make improvements to organization, scheduling, and your general routine. But I am ready for a better work/play balance, and perhaps even a fun little day trip or two – you? It’s coming, and perhaps the current Mercury retrograde in Virgo just as Jupiter is leaving this sign will help us to see what final little tweaks can benefit the situation & make this possible!



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