Mars Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Darth Vader meets Office Space!
Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Darth Vader meets Office Space.

This post is intended to serve as a Public Service Announcement that we have a conjunction between Mars & Pluto taking place in Capricorn (exact on the 19th), which can create a pretty wicked energetic undertow this week! Generally speaking, this is time to be cautious of simmering resentment with authority figures (i.e. your boss/parents/the police) that can quickly reach a boiling point if not proactively managed. There may be a power struggle involved, and even if not overt this is a time when those higher up the ladder (food chain?) can definitely push our buttons – especially if they feel threatened or as if their authority were being undermined. Mind you, I don’t say this to scare anyone; I just think it’s sensible to be controlling our own level of reactivity at this juncture – particularly at work and around our “elders” – because there is very much a potential for conflict with powerful authority figures. Aries and Scorpio (Suns or Risings): I want you to pay particular attention as it’s your modern/ancient rulers aligned, so you could well find yourselves on the front lines of this energy.

In a nutshell, the gist is it’s a good idea to avoid ticking off anyone who might be considered of higher rank now. This doesn’t mean we have to kowtow, but it does mean that behaving with a certain degree of respect due their influential position is warranted. Because it is not outside the realm of possibility that an abuse or misuse of their “authority” could occur, and while obviously this would be wrong for them to do, it’s generally smart with this kind of vibe not to take any negative bait regardless. Don’t give any incentive to wind up the target of someone’s wrath when you’d be far better served avoiding any kind of “pissing contest” scenario altogether, in other words. All kinds of ugly stuff can go down under this vibe, from oppressive police brutality, to Daddy (or perhaps granddaddy) Warbucks threatening to cut you off the inheritance, to (if self-employed) unreasonably demanding clients holding you hostage by threatening to smear your reputation if you don’t do what they want you to do, to your boss railroading you into taking an action that you find immoral or that leaves you feeling like a slave; the implication being that “You’ll never work in this town again” otherwise.

I'm KIDDING - don't get any ideas!
I’m KIDDING – don’t get any ideas!

So what do you do when you’re ticked off at your boss, a parent, etc. under this vibe? You take all those feelings of rage, hostility, and/or resentment and you use them to fuel an action plan. You patiently redirect all that negative energy and use it to build a résumé, your business, a safety net one brick at a time, because you are playing a long game here and will focus on doing whatever it is that will most likely result in your own long-term empowerment. Because having a blowout with someone and yelling “Fuck off!” isn’t nearly as rewarding as revenge success is.

This is not about conquering a mere battle of egos; it is about realizing you are the CEO of your own life and that others’ attempts at a hostile (energetic) takeover can be deflected once you understand you are in control of your own vibe – you don’t have to let them screw with your mojo and set you on tilt. See it as an opportunity to exert supreme self-control; this is only a test! Because if you can pull it off under these astrological conditions, you will prove to yourself just how powerful you truly are. If you need some energetic support this is a great time to white-light your aura and consider working with the metaphysical properties of stones such as black tourmaline, which are protective in nature and can help to neutralize negativity & fear. Try setting up a crystal grid in your office, or just carry one on your person – if you can’t find this stone, consider onyx and/or obsidian as substitutes. If you feel like you’re dealing with particular enmity from someone, you could also enhance this with jewelry designed to deflect the “evil eye”, such as the Italian cornicello (the horn-shaped amulet), Eye of Fatima, nazar, or any other talisman designed to repel Haters.

Now if it is *you* in a position of authority, be VERY careful how you wield it this week and do not come off like some kind of power-hungry warlord where you stab your way up to the top, because this could very well carry a considerable (negative) energetic blowback. Put energy into controlling yourself rather than others, and do not unleash a particularly rancid vibe upon underlings. “Shit rolls downhill” is not a military or corporate strategy to employ at this point in time; take accountability for your actions and lead by example rather than tyrannically venting venom to the next unfortunate sap down the chain of command. Even if you’re leading a salvage mission, it’s better to focus on doing what you can re: damage control than waste energy/resources on anything that would generally fall under the category of “very demotivational”. Especially when such actions could breed resentment, where you might eventually wind up with a coup/revolt/knife in your back later down the line…



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