Mars Conjunct Chiron In Aries

“Jason and His Teacher” (Chiron) by artist Maxfield Parrish

Listen up, folks: We have a relatively rare astrological opportunity on our hands at this very moment as Mars prepares to meet up with Chiron in Aries in just two days’ time.  Mars/Chiron conjunctions herald the start of a new healing cycle and they only occur approximately once every two years, so this is not an everyday happening.  Essentially, something has been coming to a head recently (as all things Mars-related tend to do), but see the inflammation as integral to speeding up your individual healing process because through this energy there is the unique ability to take quick, decisive, positive action that results in an accelerated recovery in at least one facet of your life. Stand and be counted; be your own hero, because there is something important you are confronting now that – when sparked – will move like wildfire burning down fractured, fragmented facets of the Self to forge a new beginning and even a new identity; one that is much more integrated and whole.

“The Creation of Adam” – Michelangelo

When working with the one-pointed focus of Mars energy, we must be careful not to cut or burn needlessly.  While in some instances we may need the steady precision of a combat medic’s life-saving amputation or the cauterizing singe that staunches the flow of an open wound, we also mustn’t be rash as to how we go about it. Mars energy is primarily one of offense, and when we react from a wounded state there is often the tendency to lash out and harm rather than heal.  Know the difference between that which saves a life (even if it’s your own) vs. actions that brutalize, maim, or cripple.  And above all, understand your animal nature but do not let it drive; be in touch with it, yet civilize it.  Recall Chiron’s centaur form and how it was bestial but enlightened – he became the teacher of many of Greece’s young heroes  precisely because his humanity and the executive function it bestowed was allowed to ride higher than his lower animalistic nature.

What types of things might we be confronting within ourselves now and where is this necessity for healing likely to be showing up front-and-center in our lives?  These are just a few places, but issues related to how we handle confrontation, conflict, self-assertion, any Wounded Warrior complex we might be harboring, our desire (what we want as well as how we go about getting it), sex (specific as to what turns us/gets us off and how we’re directing our sexual energy), selfishness vs. being healthily self-full in a positive sense, our sense of masculinity (whether it’s toxic or healthy, as well as what it means to us to identify as a man), our feelings of strength/potency or weakness/impotency, or perhaps whether we’re active or passive in our approach to life are all likely themes that can manifest from this astrological alignment.  Those who identify as Masculine should pay particular attention to this conjunction, because Mars is the planet that “men are from”, as the old book title goes – although the Universe is asking us all to collectively address these themes in our individual lives, those identifying as Masculine are likely to be feeling it harder due natural attunement to this vibrational frequency.

The good thing is this energy is *not* subtle – it’s the kind of thing that hits us right in the face.  The painfully itchy, irritated, inflamed areas of our lives related to the above themes are telling us precisely where to direct healing energy *right now*. It’s not the kind of thing we can or should put off, nor is it about half-assed “trys”; there is only “do” now.  We have the ability to directly address and resolve some kind of paradox we’ve been living with right up until this very moment and find a healthier way to deal with it head-on rather than allow infection to set in or spread.  This is, collectively, a sort of cosmic contemporary shamanic “initiation” where we are being baptized by some kind of fire to learn how to burn non-functional parts of the Self down to be replaced by a grounded sense of identity re: our own personal strengths and weaknesses, and picking today to choose the path of wisdom & holistic recovery.  Any fragmented portions of the Self that have not been identified – where we are (re?)acting out of alignment regarding walking (not just talking!) the Path of Healing – will be revealed to us, if they haven’t already.  Drop everything you’re doing to attend to this personal spiritual emergency at once, because collectively we should all be seizing upon this relatively rare opportunity to confront something in need of immediate healing within ourselves in order to initiate a new recovery cycle.  Make like a certain sports apparel company’s tagline and “just do it”.

“Nike of Samothrace”



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