The Capricorn Stellium: Root Down To Rise Up

We have a decidedly grounded vibe on our hands for the foreseeable future with Pluto, Saturn, and now Jupiter all currently traversing terrestrial Capricorn.  While this earthbound vibe may feel like bit of a slog for some, the key in utilizing this energy to its highest capacity lies anchoring ourselves in uber reality, leaning heavily upon the virtues of personal responsibility and accountability, and connecting to a hidden subterranean reserve of inner strength, constancy, and resiliency; even in crisis.  This energy symbolically represents the firm and deep establishment of roots that anchor a large and ancient tree; its sprawling branches growing ever-upward  even as it remains planted in place.  We feel connected to the Earth, to our bodies, the lowest two levels of need in Maslow’s Hierarchy are fulfilled, and we have good & healthy boundaries with others where we are firm in knowing exactly where our responsibility for things both starts and ends.

At this point the yogis among us reading this are probably envisioning Vrksasana (better known as Tree Pose) and the sacred energy center Muladhara – more colloquially known as the Root Chakra  – this asana is often prescribed for.  For me however, it calls to mind the Family Tree; our own personal Tree of Life from which we ascend.  Some might say descend, but after spending the last year of my life delving deeply into my own personal genealogical history I’ve come to prefer seeing my Ancestors as the foundational pillars and myself functioning as a sort of bridge (perhaps part of the trunk?) helping to pave the way for the successive upliftment of future generations who hopefully grow to greater heights than all previous successors. Given some of the darker matter the seed of my creation germinated in, I’m understandably partial to viewing family “line” as spreading upwards rather than the reverse.

But how can one truly accomplish this; choosing to be the upward trend in the line rather than a downward one?  In a phrase, “Root down to rise up” – digging down deep into the matter (specifically, the Shadow material) from which we come, centering the Self, and choosing to be the point of accountability where dysfunction stops. In recent months, I have been discussing the concept of using the energy of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction to straighten out gnarled roots in the family tree from an energetic point of view; even if posthumously.  Nobody likes to think of their family gene pool as being “tainted” but the fact is many of us are living with the heavy-duty residue of things like abuse, war, slavery, or even genocide lingering in the shadows of our lineage.  Doing everything we can to clean up whatever karmic “messes” our predecessors may have left behind so our line can come correct from an energetic standpoint and honor can be restored is work well worth undertaking at this time. In fact, I’d argue it’s eternally worth the effort to do our best to clear up any negative karmic debts our Ancestors may have incurred but having 3 slower-moving planets hanging out in Capricorn for a while certainly makes the sense of responsibility for doing so considerably more prevalent. When so many of our parents have not yet learned the lesson of accountability, it only makes sense that eventually someone’s gotta do it; might as well be us.  There’s no time like the present to rectify the past/our personal history and set right what we can – time’s a-wastin’…..


Proof Of Capricorn!

Meet Pismo the surfin’ goat! In an era where modern astrology has largely dismissed Capricorn’s aquatic ties via simply referring to this sign as “The Goat”, Pismo serves as living proof of Capricorn’s seafaring roots! In actuality, Capricorn is the MerGoat – a hybrid creature with a caprine front half and a fish’s tail at the rear. Perhaps we could think of this sign as the original “all terrain vehicle”, LOL! Goats have an incredible innate sense of poise that gives them sure footing on even the sketchiest of mountainside precipices, so it makes sense that being able to hang ten on a surfboard wouldn’t really faze them all that much as far as these things go.

It’s interesting that we have so much watery symbolism occupying the last 1/4 of the zodiac, isn’t it? In order of appearance, we have the SeaGoat (Capricorn), the Water-Bearer (Aquarius), and the Fishes (Pisces), but of all three, only Pisces is considered an actual Water sign. So what gives, then? Why all the aquatic themes? In ancient Egypt, December, January, and February (aka Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces seasons, respectively) these winter months coincided with the start of the rainy season. Egypt was an epicenter of astrological study in antiquity and therefore had significant influence upon how things were viewed and interpreted from a cosmological standpoint, so it makes sense that parts of the zodiac would come to bear their stamp – Capricorn, being depicted as both a rugged, hardy land-dwelling creature (epitomized by the goat) and half aquatic denizen (fish), certainly would serve as a visual reminder to the people the dry season was almost over and that a wet spell was about to commence. But as evidenced by Capricorn’s disappearing tail, it appears the modern era has caused this once-powerful influence to fade and die-out, so perhaps in these Pluto-in-Capricorn times we live in it’s good to get back to our roots with a little (astrological) history lesson every now and again!


An Image To Meditate Upon…

….For the remainder of Venus in Capricorn:


I chose the Venus De Milo as an archetypal representation for this energy as classical art is quintessential Venus in Capricorn – especially a true masterwork such as this sculptured out of pure, rock-solid, Capricorn-approved marble that provides an enduring symbol of beauty through the ages.  It might be worth investigating our visceral response to this image in the wake of its repeated conjunctions to Pluto…Does the resultant “wear and tear” of surviving through thousands of years – minus two broken arms – detract from her appearance and value?  Or is she a symbol of loveliness in her current state nonetheless – the hardship, time, and scars only transforming her beauty into something supernatural?  The slow state of deterioration adding a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be replicated……

One might ponder if it is the act of restoring such a masterpiece that profanes and defiles.  This brings to mind the concept of wabi-sabi….

I wonder if perhaps we find it easier to accept her as-is because we have not known her any other way.   Having no firsthand knowledge of her “before” state, we have nothing to subjectively compare her to. This is where Venus in Capricorn excels – by setting a standard for beauty rather than caving to crumbling self-esteem and the fear that her realness isn’t “good enough”……