Proof Of Capricorn!

Meet Pismo the surfin’ goat! In an era where modern astrology has largely dismissed Capricorn’s aquatic ties via simply referring to this sign as “The Goat”, Pismo serves as living proof of Capricorn’s seafaring roots! In actuality, Capricorn is the MerGoat – a hybrid creature with a caprine front half and a fish’s tail at the rear. Perhaps we could think of this sign as the original “all terrain vehicle”, LOL! Goats have an incredible innate sense of poise that gives them sure footing on even the sketchiest of mountainside precipices, so it makes sense that being able to hang ten on a surfboard wouldn’t really faze them all that much as far as these things go.

It’s interesting that we have so much watery symbolism occupying the last 1/4 of the zodiac, isn’t it? In order of appearance, we have the SeaGoat (Capricorn), the Water-Bearer (Aquarius), and the Fishes (Pisces), but of all three, only Pisces is considered an actual Water sign. So what gives, then? Why all the aquatic themes? In ancient Egypt, December, January, and February (aka Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces seasons, respectively) these winter months coincided with the start of the rainy season. Egypt was an epicenter of astrological study in antiquity and therefore had significant influence upon how things were viewed and interpreted from a cosmological standpoint, so it makes sense that parts of the zodiac would come to bear their stamp – Capricorn, being depicted as both a rugged, hardy land-dwelling creature (epitomized by the goat) and half aquatic denizen (fish), certainly would serve as a visual reminder to the people the dry season was almost over and that a wet spell was about to commence. But as evidenced by Capricorn’s disappearing tail, it appears the modern era has caused this once-powerful influence to fade and die-out, so perhaps in these Pluto-in-Capricorn times we live in it’s good to get back to our roots with a little (astrological) history lesson every now and again!



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