Words (Not) To Live By With Jupiter In Leo:

Photo by Rafieff via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Rafieff via Wikimedia Commons

“We were swollen in the head… and shrunken in the heart” -Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, Leo Sun w/ a Capricorn Moon, on a period when his band was, in his own words, “believing in [their] own hype”.

This is where rock star Leo energy has the capacity to go wrong, when (as the late, great Isabel Hickey would say) Leos “enthrone the ego” where the heart should be. Leo may be the regal king of the zodiac resplendent in all his warm, benevolent glory, but on the other hand he can also be the tyrannical despot when he becomes the center of his own universe and attempts to arrogantly force the world to revolve around his own ginormous ego. This is one of the potential hazards with Jupiter – The Great Expander – now residing in Leo, the Sultan of Swagger. The head must not be allowed to grow larger than the heart, and (false) pride coupled with a lack of genuine confidence is what generally causes this to happen. Fortunately for James, his Capricorn Moon is there to keep it real and keep it grounded – experience has taught him firsthand the importance of humility, so with any luck at all he’ll be able to maintain this level of wise self-awareness even as Jupiter creeps up to his Sun to launch him further into the stratosphere. Others – including those with a predominance of the Fire element in their chart – might want to keep an eye on this tendency during the next year, because when misapplied Jupiter in Leo does lend itself to braggadocio.


Venus In Cancer Is Movin’ Out!

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