Venus In Cancer Is Movin’ Out!

With Venus in Cancer under big-time fire from Uranus & Pluto this week, I thought it’s as good a time as any to post about the astrology of moving house since Cancer is the consummate homebody & one of my newsletter subscribers recently wrote to me with a question about moving! So let’s talk about transits, shall we? The term “transits” is just another way of saying we’re going to take a look at the current motions of the planets and how these are impacting our individual birth chart, and a change of residence is usually triggered by some kind of transit to one of the “lunar” areas of our chart – i.e. to our Moon, 4th House, or IC (that’s also known as the Imum Coeli or Nadir, in more formal parlance 🙂 ). Typically, it is a transit from one of the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) to one of the aforementioned areas that sees us moving house. Each of these planets will impart its own, distinct energy signature upon our move, so let’s talk about the astrology of moving and the many different “flavors” it can come in!

Moving under a Jupiter transit can often land us in a spacious new pad; we might spend a little more to get a nicer place, or we might get really lucky (Jupiter IS the planet of good fortune, after all!) and get a great deal on a place that’s bigger/nicer than expected. As long as we can afford the rent (or mortgage) and aren’t living larger than our means, it’s all good – Jupiter transits can occasionally indicate extravagance, where we bite off more than we can chew, so DO be mindful this! This is a great energy signature to move under if you’re seeking happiness, increased opportunities, or want to expand your family, and sometimes under this kind of influence we’re even inclined to move cross-country or abroad, as Jupiter transits tend to take us far and wide. If we own our home & aren’t inclined to move under this signature, we’re usually inclined to put an addition on it at this time to make it bigger & better. Of note: Under the “family expansion” umbrella, I have seen this energy signature sometimes correlate to the in-laws moving in, so if there’s been talk of your partner’s parents coming to live with you, this is the transit it’s likely to happen under.

Moving under a Saturn transit may sometimes be done for career reasons, or prompted by a necessity/hardship of some kind. We may not exactly *want* to, but we *have to* for whatever reason. This might be, for example, a time when work demands that we relocate or when our parents kick us out of the nest to live on our own as an adult for the first time. Sometimes a Saturn-infused move can also involve downsizing, having a home-based business, or the challenges associated with old age. Whatever the case, the good thing is we usually see the move coming and have plenty of time to plan for it. Some may even buy a home for the first time under this influence, as Saturn/Moon transits can be associated with a feeling of achievement & it takes a lot of time & effort to save for a house! We might also find ourselves living in an older or historic building under this energy, or in a stately, well-manicured, status-conscious home as there can be an ambitious, image-conscious flavor to a Saturn transit. It is also possible to purchase a fixer-upper house, as people who move under this transit may put in a lot of elbow grease into their homes since Saturn is the Master Builder/Carpenter energy. It make take some time & effort, but you’re also more likely to pay a reasonable price with the understanding that your place “needs some work”.

A Uranus transit, on the other hand, has a completely different flavor! These are the moves that seem to come from out of left field; where something wacky happens that we absolutely have no control at all over. They tend to be abrupt and unexpected; prompted by an unforeseen change in circumstances. It’s usually good advice not to get too comfy during a Uranus transit, as there is a higher-than-normal likelihood that the living sitch we find ourselves in at the time of this transit will not be permanent – things are in a state of flux. Sometimes under this energy we may find ourselves living with a friend or in a communal-living type of scenario (this can vary, from an intentional community, to condo living, to a housing co-op, or being part of an HOA), and having “roomies” or “flatmates” can be more common as well. We might also reside in a very modern, contemporary-style home. If we’re buying or renting, we should pay special attention to the electrical system in our new place to make sure there are no abnormalities, and we also take note of anything about a place that strikes as “unusual” or “cool, but weird”, because there could be an unanticipated issue that arises. Under a Uranus transit, I once lived in a lovely log-and-stucco home that looked like it belonged in some Nordic setting, complete with cathedral ceilings, spiral staircase, and wood-burning stove. The “bedrooms” in the house, however (except the master) were little more than built-in bunks, and although they at first seemed cozy, novel, and nest-like in their perches high up near the ceiling, a design flaw quickly became apparent in the cooler months, when the heat from said wood stove would travel up the slope of those lovely cathedral ceilings and wind up making the bunks stiflingly hot!

Neptune transits can bring dream- (or nightmare-) come-true living scenarios. We might live on a beach…or in a flood zone (or both!). Sometimes we’re inclined to over-idealize a living sitch at the expense of seeing its potential shortcomings, so if you get an idyllic feeling at a place or the sense that the new digs you’re looking at were “meant to be”, make sure you’re also doing some critical thinking and not glossing over any possible red flags. Look for water- or moisture- related issues in your new space, and also MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT! Yes, I put that in all-caps because I want to make sure you really read it, LOL – one of the unfortunate by-products of having a Neptune transit means we can be more susceptible to schemes & scams while under its vibe. Needless to say, if you are buying a home, this is *not* a time to forgo a home inspection and go on “faith” alone…make sure you’re hiring your OWN inspector and be sure whoever is doing the inspection is *really good* at their job – you *want* nit-picky under this influence, because it can save your butt when you’re all starry-eyed over a property! This aside, a move made during a Neptune transit can have the feel of a sanctuary or an escape of some kind. Quiet might be very important to us, so if you have neighbors close by, this would be a good time to make sure they’re not the noisy type. You obviously don’t want to find yourself one door over from a musician who conducts late-night jam sessions while you’re trying to sleep, or an alcoholic who is always coming in (and out!) at all hours of the evening because they are drunk & arguing with their partner.

Moves made under Pluto transits are often life-changing, and may be the result of a loss of some kind. You could find yourself living in a piece of real estate that was willed to you after a family member’s death, or in foreclosure proceedings, for example. Though this is a rare happening, a catastrophic event can sometimes occur in connection with our residence, so this is an ideal time to make sure we have good insurance coverage – even if we are just renting. And make sure your policy includes coverage in cases of theft, too. Another potential manifestation of this energy can be leasing or subletting your home & becoming a landlord – just make sure to background check any prospective tenants and also be sure their credit is good! We can also refinance our home under this influence, take out a mortgage, (or 2nd mortgage), or buy an investment property of some kind – especially if it was in foreclosure. Do pay special attention to the basement/foundation area of a home during this transit, as well as the septic/sewer and anything “underground”. Of note: There are often significant, life-altering shifts in our family unit during this transit that mark a watershed – things like marriages, divorces, deaths, and births – and any of these major life transitions can certainly result in a change to our living situation.



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