Astro-News Flash: Jupiter Has Entered Leo

Stock image courtesy Kevin Pluck
Stock image courtesy Kevin Pluck

Globe-trekking, beneficent Jupiter has entered fiery Leo, where it will remain for an entire year!

So what can we expect out of this year-long transit? Well, for one it’s a very beneficial energy for creative types – this can be art, sculpture, writing…any medium used for self-expression at all, really – because it expands creative mojo. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in particular are really going to be juiced by this energy, but Sadge and Leo Suns will feel it in spades. Jupiter is also known as The Promotor – he blows us up and makes us larger-than-life so that our reach is expanded and we’re more visible to a wider (hopefully global) audience. As such, this astro-influence is bound to be a boon for artists & other creative types looking to get their creations “out there” and seen because this is such a conspicuous, high-profile energy.

While we’re on the topic of the pro-creativity vibe, I should also mention this can extend on a biological level as well since Leo is the sign of children. Want more kids or A kid? It’s possible you may get some astrological help in this department because child-related matters are indeed emphasized with Jupiter in Leo. Now by no means does this mean you *will* have a child, it just means that  if you’re having sex for fun and aren’t taking proper precautions you might not want to take too many gambles while Jupiter is here – the Wheel Of Fortune is turning and it’s entirely possible for the ball to land on the green zero! 😉 Regardless, all child-related issues do become larger under this influence, and hopefully for the better – “Joy to the world, all the boys and girls…”  You may even find contact with children beneficial during this period, and even if kids aren’t really your thing, this is certainly a time to get in touch with your inner child!

Now that’s not all – Leo also rules affairs of the heart (that would be dating, to use a more contemporary term). Leo’s “dating” is very different than Libra’s “partnering” – in Leo, we’re just having a good time; we’re playful, romantic…..but not necessarily setting up house together or demanding any solid commitments from one another. Leo is all about the wooing process; the courtship and the “fun” stages of the dating game rather than arguing over who does the dishes or whose turn it is to take out the garbage. Leo’s “affairs of the heart” are the lighthearted stages of a romance, and the term “dating game” is very appropriate because Leo concerns fun and games (more on that later). Having Jupiter in this sign does give the dating scene a beneficial boost, and if you really want to score points with a lover during Jupiter in Leo, a little good humor will take you a long way (and I don’t mean the ice cream, LOL). Comedy does win us brownie points, though, with Jupiter here, so keep it comical and with an eye toward providing high entertainment value if you’re so inclined. Other things your dates may appreciate during Jupiter in Leo include being worldly, cultured, and well-traveled; an interest in international politics, law, & religions; a philosophical slant on life; or those who are generally positive, upbeat, and optimistic.

On the flip (and pay attention, because you’ll not want to overdo any of the following!), dating TURN OFFS are likely to include preachy zealots trying to “convert” people in any sense; the bigoted or hypocritical; people who go overboard hamming it up; those who over-identify with their religion or politics, particularly if they get to the point they believe *their* “truth” is *the only* “truth” and can’t accept other points of view; or those who are super-excessive/extravagant. True story: During the start of the last Jupiter-in-Leo cycle, I went out on a date with a guy who turned out to be super political and he literally punctuated about every 3rd-4th sentence with the words “my candidate…” – I kid you not! I felt like he was more interested in stumping for “his candidate” than in giving the date (and me, LOL) the focus of his attention, and it was a total turnoff even though he absolutely was a very nice guy. It’s not even that our politics were different – it was just that he was *so* focused on the political angle of…well, everything, really… that I felt completely eclipsed. And that’s a no-no during Jupiter in Leo – making your date feel eclipsed, especially by religion or politics! Please take note of this cautionary tale of “What NOT to do during Jupiter in Leo, because the gentleman in question *did not* get a second date. 😉 Being mindful of the above parameters can help you put the benefic potential of Jupiter to work if you’re single & looking to mingle!

Moving on, let’s get back to the earlier-referenced “fun and games” portion of Leo: Jupiter in Leo also expands our sense of playfulness and fun – it reminds us we must find something that infuses us with that life-affirming joie-de-vivre in order to facilitate happiness & to make life truly worth living. As such, it’s totally appropriate to take on a new hobby or expand upon a current one under this influence, because we benefit from the things we do purely for recreation now. Even if you don’t have one and aren’t inclined to get one, find others ways to play! Play with your kids, take a trip to an amusement park or a casino, have a squirt-gun fight, do a game night with your friends, climb some trees or go play on a slide or jungle-gym, go see a play or a concert, have a party – don’t be afraid to do things you haven’t done in YEARS that make you feel like a kid again! Grow your sense of enthusiasm & spontaneity and roll those dice – do things with an eye toward entertaining yourself and others! You can’t lose the gamble if your only “win” is having a good time! 😉

If you want a better idea of how Jupiter in Leo might affect you, think all the way back to August of 2002, when this planet was last here. Jupiter remained in this sign until August of 2003, so look back over that whole year-long period – what was it like for you and where did you experience the most growth, opportunity, and expansion? Me, I had just gotten back onto the dating scene after being partnered for 4+ years…and it was a whole lot of fun! (Excluding, of course, the illustrative cautionary tale provided above, LOL!) As touched upon in my June newsletter, I definitely felt the “heart-opening” potential of this transit going strong. In fact, now that you’ve heard some of my romantic bloopers, I would love to hear some of YOUR dating (Leo) stories (Jupiter) in the comments section below if you have any good ones – the good, the bad, and especially (in true Jupiter-in-Leo form) the hilarious!

So as you think back over this time period, try to recall the way(s) in which your heart-center became expanded….maybe you fell in love, maybe you had a baby, maybe you birthed some amazing creative works into the world , or maybe you simply felt truer to your most authentic and best self…these are all certainly possibilities under Jupiter in Leo’s rays. Feel free to leave any comments, impressions, or stories below!



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