Sure Signs That Jupiter Is In Leo…!

….Your “Intro to Ballroom” dance class is full to capacity and then some! The enthusiasm and encouragement of your ballroom Guru is positively contagious, creating a warm and festive atmosphere that fills up the room to the point of overflowing. Your heart rate is elevated; the dew in your mane collecting at the nape of your neck and causing stray wisps of hair to spring into buoyant curls. The upbeat tempo of swing and joy of just having fun has you bubbling over with exuberance and laughter.

From the Robin Wood Tarot.  Doesn't our King just look like he's extending an arm to his lady and asking her to tango? Grab that hand - it's time to dance!
From the Robin Wood Tarot. Doesn’t our King just look like he’s extending an arm to his lady and asking her to tango? Grab that hand – it’s time to dance!

Everybody has a King/Queen of Wands somewhere within them – these archetypal monarchs have joie-de-vivre in spades and absolutely lust for life! Venus has just entered Leo and will eventually augment Jupiter, so don’t be a wallflower because this is a time to put yourself on display! Leo is a consummate performer and entertainer, so why not give ‘em a show? We have expanded access to these fiery archetypes within our personas now and can easily connect to our vivacity, creativity, confidence, and belief in ourselves as talented individuals, so show the world how YOU shine!  All the world is your stage – embrace the close-up!


Astro-News Flash: Jupiter Has Entered Leo

Stock image courtesy Kevin Pluck
Stock image courtesy Kevin Pluck

Globe-trekking, beneficent Jupiter has entered fiery Leo, where it will remain for an entire year!

So what can we expect out of this year-long transit? Well, for one it’s a very beneficial energy for creative types – this can be art, sculpture, writing…any medium used for self-expression at all, really – because it expands creative mojo. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in particular are really going to be juiced by this energy, but Sadge and Leo Suns will feel it in spades. Jupiter is also known as The Promotor – he blows us up and makes us larger-than-life so that our reach is expanded and we’re more visible to a wider (hopefully global) audience. As such, this astro-influence is bound to be a boon for artists & other creative types looking to get their creations “out there” and seen because this is such a conspicuous, high-profile energy.

While we’re on the topic of the pro-creativity vibe, I should also mention this can extend on a biological level as well since Leo is the sign of children. Want more kids or A kid? It’s possible you may get some astrological help in this department because child-related matters are indeed emphasized with Jupiter in Leo. Now by no means does this mean you *will* have a child, it just means that  …Read More…