Meet Deana

In my March newsletter, I spoke about Saturn in Aquarius & the importance of strengthening our social networks – to that end, today I’d like to take some time to introduce you to a dear friend of mine: Deana Paqua of Embody the Sacred. Deana has long been listed among my friends & allies; both on a professional and, blessedly, a personal level as well.  As an astrologer I feel it’s important to understand where my expertise both begins and ends, which is why I believe so strongly in having a good, solid network of holistic wellness professionals around me to refer clients to if/when their chart indicates a need and they are open to it.  Astrologers are not healers; we can identify a need and make recommendation accordingly, but we are not doctors, nutritionists, herbalists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.

A contemporary shamanic practitioner and expert on a wide array of cross-cultural healing techniques, Deana is someone to whom I have myself turned for healing.  The insight I’ve gained from working with – and quite honestly, just by being around – her has been tremendous and I have a vast amount of respect for her point of view.  Her knowledge is authentic and has often been hard-won, and I revere the fact that she took no shortcuts on her Path. These days – especially with Chiron now in Aries – it seems like people are all too quick to wear that self-appointed badge of “Healer” without putting in the necessary time and work to earn this honor the legitimate way; which is something that can only be appointed by the community and takes many years of humble service to acquire. Deana has been doing this work for a long time; she can cite her teachers, has permission from the indigenous elders she’s studied under to share what they have taught her, and – as you will hear below – on a very human level she has direct firsthand experience gleaned from her own healing Journey.  Without further ado…. ❤


Saturn In Capricorn Square Chiron In Aries, Part 3

Hands up; who’s had the sense the sands of the hourglass are slipping through our fingers ever since Saturn arrived in Capricorn at the end of 2017?? As the current square between Saturn and Chiron continues this is not something likely to immediately let up and there’s a very real sense that no, we cannot do it all.  Maybe age is catching up with us.  Perhaps we’ve found ourselves limited with some kind of physical injury that gives us the painful realization this notion we *can* (or “should”) do it all is actually an incredibly ableist POV. It’s possible we’re dealing with severe professional pressure/angst.  Maybe instead it’s serious parental pressure/angst; either regarding our own parents or our role *as* a parent.  Perhaps we *are* a working parent and it’s a combination of these last two scenarios.  Whatever the case, it can hurt like hell to realize we can’t make time for *everything* on our list of priorities but something we want to be or do simply isn’t going to make the cut.  To manage this, we must figure out what is most important to us and create a personal hierarchy.  Though it sucks to cull something we just don’t have time for anymore, the alternative is continuing to live under the crushing weight of this immature notion that we can/should do it all and let it slowly squeeze the life out of us.  If you can, delegate. If you can’t, resolve to give something up for at least the next two years (i.e. the remainder of Saturn’s stay in Capricorn) because it’s not sustainable to carry on like this. Hopefully there’s something you can put on “hold” till later to help alleviate this pressure because time can indeed heal all wounds if we will but give some to ourselves.

**Read the previous installment in this series: Saturn In Capricorn Square Chiron In Aries, Part 2


Mars Conjunct Saturn In Sadge: Punching Above Your Weight

Warrior planet Mars has been traversing Sagittarius since early March, but it is only now that we find The Red Planet coming within proximity to a conjunction with hefty Saturn, almost as if it were getting ready for some kind of huge and highly-publicized title fight. Though Mars retreats from this confrontation due his impending retrograde (which begins on April 17th) and this conjunction won’t get a chance to perfect until August, I keep seeing this duo factoring prominently in consultation lately and it has been calling to mind the concept of “punching above your weight” – let me explain…

In Traditional astrology, Mars & Saturn are considered malefics; i.e. generally speaking wherever these guys go in the chart, Trouble tends to follow. It’s not as if they are without their positive facets; it’s just that – as a first order – what you are inclined to get is conflict (Mars) and adversity (Saturn). Can these be overcome? Absolutely. But I think when these two celestial bodies join together to form an astrological Tag Team of Tribulation, it is only good sense to be on the lookout for problematic manifestations.

When I see this duo expressing their energies within the confines of a specific house or concentrating their energies upon a certain planet, I feel there is a real possibility of finding ourselves at some kind of competitive disadvantage in that area of life. For example, we may literally be going up against a stronger opponent; someone with a better reputation, more status, authority, or general clout. This isn’t meant to inspire fear; rather to instill an appropriate level of respect for the challenges we may be up against in a given area of life – particularly if we find ourselves outranked/outclassed in some way. So before initiating some kind of conflict (especially a legal one with both malefics in litigious Sadge) that could blow up and carry big consequences, I think it’s important to pause and check the ego. Because when Mars occupies this sign, the default inclination may be to operate from a place of moralistic “right fighting”. It is certainly one thing to fight for Justice and/or Truth, but it’s quite another to identify the ego so strongly with the principle of being “right” that we fail to see the warning signs that advise “Danger Ahead”.

Remember Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for the NES back in the day? Playing this dude named Little Mac & invariably getting your ass kicked the first time you went up against old Iron Mike? Yeah, that.

Mars combining with Saturn can so often lend itself to an “Enforcer” type of vibe, and especially if we find ourselves placing our perception of Truth up against someone else’s, this can indeed be a recipe for Trouble when righteousness runs amok. We may get so focused upon what someone else is doing “wrong” that we could lose sight of our own behavior (and thus the broader ramifications that may come of this) in the process. This isn’t a time to let a beef become something bigger than it needs to be – ideally, we manage it at an optimally appropriate level whenever possible. If for some reason these containment measures aren’t enough and we wind up legitimately needing to escalate it, we do so gradually and with a full understanding of the totality of what we’re up against.

Pausing to show beneficial self-restraint while considering the big-picture perspective of whether or not – in the Grand Scheme of Things – this is a philosophical hill worth metaphorically dying upon can help us avoid bigger problems down the road….I’m thinking potential scenarios that could entail damage to things like our reputation or bigger long-term career prospects, for example. Because this to me looks like it can have all the makings of a public and high-profile fight of some kind….perhaps one of biblical proportions, even. It’s not that David can’t overcome Goliath; it’s just that before we find ourselves in a “punching above our weight” kind of scenario, it’s prudent to take a step back and consider whether we really want a conflict to become a potentially defining moment/event in our lives. If this is indeed something we must do, then preparation and timing will be key – train hard and make sure to land a solid hit at the most opportune moment possible. A sling may also help. 😉

Be advised the energy of this conjunction will be loosely in effect throughout April, but it returns for a rematch in August which will be the true Main Event.


Synchronicity Under The Libra New Moon

The Universe is absolutely amazing sometimes…! Tonight while at my yoga class just ahead of the impending Libra New Love Moon, my teacher happened to have this song on the playlist:


“Remove all fear;
Come from where you are to here.
Let your eyes
Meet mine.
For a moment let your heart be mine.

Come to me, I will take away your sorrow.
Come to me, I will open your tomorrow.
Come to me, I will open up your heart.
Come to me, we will never be apart.

May love mesmerize your soul.
May the devas make you whole.
Can you align yourself in constant devotion;
Find your liberation?

The tears of kindness come
When you love everyone.
Your precious soul is finally found.
Love, infinite love, brings you ‘round….

Come to me, I will take away your sorrow.
Come to me, I will open your tomorrow.
Come to me, I will open up your heart.
Come to me, we will never be apart.”

What a lovely, sweet, and fitting message for the Libra New Moon now upon us…! If there had been any doubt in my mind about this correlation, it was promptly dispelled when I noted the name of the album this song came from – “Wings of Peace”! Peace is such a Libra theme, and perhaps with winged messenger Mercury also residing in this sign (on the fated North Node, no less..!) this message was meant to be shared tonight  ❤


Today’s Feminist Post, Brought To You By Venus Trine Uranus

BAM! A radiant and revolutionary Venus for the Aquarian Age – *LOVE* it!


I mean, holy Venus in Leo – what a muse….! The hair, head-held-high attitude, use of the word “glorious”….I’m not sure you get much more Venus in Leo than this (well, maybe if she were wearing a crown, LOL). Add that in-your-face liberated edge from Uranus in Aries, and I suppose this is what you wind up with – so perfect for the final trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries that is about to be exact tonight. As the Sun slips into mutual reception with Venus, no less….you go, girl!


Quantifying An “Omen”

Omen (n) : a prophetic sign; something that happens that is regarded as a sign of how somebody or something will fare in the future. See also “portent”.

As fairly Plutonic person, I find that am perpetually seeing “signs” everywhere – it is somewhat of an occupational hazard, you might say, when this planet is active in your nativity. Things that might otherwise remain invisible to others tend to stand out to me as if they’ve been bathed in Luminol, LOL.

However, I realize that it can be challenging for many to work out exactly how to know if something is indeed an omen. That’s a tad hard for me to put into words, actually – when you’re naturally inclined to latch onto even the smallest of details and follow them like a proverbial breadcrumb trail and don’t believe that anything in life is a mere coincidence, synchronicity is found EVERYWHERE. Yet for the sake of this post, I will try anyway so that readers may understand – beyond a shadow of a doubt – exactly how to identify an omen.

So here is a related anecdote for you: Tonight on my way home from the gym, I saw one of these:

© 2015. All rights reserved.
© 2015. All rights reserved.

Cool, right?

But just two weeks (to the day) earlier, I had seen another:

© 2015.  All rights reserved.
© 2015. All rights reserved.

Ok, a little weird, but still pretty cool.

What if I told you, though, that exactly three weeks before this instance – after emerging from a very profound healing session on the Gemini New Moon (that was conjunct Mars, BTW) – ANOTHER had appeared before me?

© 2015
© 2015. All rights reserved.

Yeah, that’s just SPOOKY! “Can you hear me NOW? Good!”

Always on a Tuesday, the day of the week ruled by Mars. And always lingering just long enough for me to get the shot before it literally vanished into thin air right in front of my eyes. Is it coincidence also that magical Neptune is currently affecting my (Plutonic-flavored) 8th House Mars, LOL? I don’t think you get much more magical than a rainbow, do you? Those are certainly neat correlations, but the primary takeaway for me lies in contemplating the symbolism of rainbows, which I always take as a harbinger of happiness after a difficult period (i.e. the preceding storm). Here is a quote from famed astrologer Isabel Hickey (rest her soul) regarding 8th house energies, taken directly from her fabulous book Astrology: A Cosmic Science – “Every 8th House operation is a celestial messenger in disguise and a challenge to penetrate this disguise and become the recipient of the blessing he bears. In the wake of an 8th House storm there is always a rainbow if we but lift our eyes to perceive it.

So what’s the moral of this story? You cannot go wrong if you abide by the old Rule Of Three regarding omens! There is no way – in this writer’s humble opinion – if you encounter something via three separate instances, that it’s NOT a sign! This is roughly the equivalent of being hit in the head with a Cosmic 2 x 4, in my estimation. So if all else fails and you’re not sure if something is a sign or not? Watch how many more times it manifests – you’ll have yourself a definitive answer!

Trips, bay-bee - read 'em and weep!
Trips, bay-bee – read ’em and weep!


Venus In Cancer Is Movin’ Out!

With Venus in Cancer under big-time fire from Uranus & Pluto this week, I thought it’s as good a time as any to post about the astrology of moving house since Cancer is the consummate homebody & one of my newsletter subscribers recently wrote to me with a question about moving! So let’s talk about transits, shall we? The term “transits” is just another way of saying we’re going to take a look at the current motions of the planets and how these are impacting our individual birth chart, and a change of residence is usually triggered by some kind of transit to one of the “lunar” areas of our chart – i.e. to our Moon, 4th House, or IC (that’s also known as the Imum Coeli or Nadir, in more formal parlance 🙂 ). Typically, it is a transit from …Read More…