Adios, Jupiter In Aquarius: The Truth Will Set You Free

We have less than a fortnight remaining of Jupiter in Aquarius before it enters Pisces on May 13th and as it expends the last of its energy in this sign, the motto “The Truth Will Set You Free” has never rang, well,  truer.  Somewhere along the way during its passage though surprising Aquarius, it’s likely we’ve been hit by at least one shocking truth; possibly more  than one if we had several significant planets in our own astrological chart receiving a jolt from this energy. As shaken as we might have been/might be, we must remember the Truth is something that is ultimately meant to liberate when Jupiter passes through this sign.  At its best, this astrological placement gives us sudden clarity and objectivity that allows us to achieve massive evolutionary growth.  We become detached enough to see what’s best for us and seek greater independence as we change our beliefs nearly instantaneously. Our fortune also changes quickly under Jupiter Aquarius – freak luck can hit, but we can also wind up being this guy:

So if you’ve found yourself feeling more like  ^that guy up there^ during Jupiter’s passage through the Water Bearer, do what he suggests and remind yourself how lucky you are just to be alive.  Then realize all the truths that jolted you were meant to help you evolve – sometimes growth is disruptive, but it is necessary for a quantum leap upward.  Thank Jupiter in Aquarius for setting you free to find – and be – better.



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