Mars Stationary Direct: Waiting In The Wings

Image: Degas, "Ballet Dancers In The Wings"
Image: Degas, “Ballet Dancers In The Wings”


Something is about to emerge – can you feel it?  Mars has just stationed direct in Libra, and it won’t be long now before a flurry of activity commences.  Watch for developments in relationships & alliances in particular.  But not *quite* yet, as Mars has to warm up his atrophied muscled first before making his grand re-entrance….be patient, but stand at the ready and be alert for the signal.  It’s almost “go time”…..


Lilith In Leo Shows Her Claws!

In this viral video clip, superstar heroine feline Tara comes to the aid of her “boy” when he’s viciously attacked by a neighbor’s dog that was on the loose.  She springs into action and trounces the marauding canine, sending it packing and giving chase before swiftly turning on her heel to make sure the little boy was OK.

Now what’s the astrology of this event, you ask? Well, both children and kitties are Leo’s domain, and that’s where Black Moon Lilith is right now.  BML is a dark feminine energy, and a real force of nature when provoked. Seeing a “cub” under attack would certainly elicit this kind of fierceness, because when she gets juiced up by Mars (as she is now), she has no qualms about throwing on the war paint and going into battle – it’s on like Donkey Kong!  Mars sometimes gets a bad rap for being aggressive, but at its very best it represents hero energy.  This little kitty was very brave – she had no idea she wasn’t “supposed” to attack a dog that was larger than her.  She simply took split-second action when she saw one of her pride under attack.

Double astro-bonus points? Lion goddess Sekhmet, protector of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, (asteroid #5381) was also joined with Black Moon Lilith at the time of this event.  Maybe this feline was only doing what had been hardwired in her DNA to do on a primal level since ye olden times – protect the young pharaoh!

Tara the housecat is a perfect (or is that purr-fect, LOL?) example of this astro-energy in action – may she long bask in the glory of her newfound Leonine rock star status!

The other thing I like about this event is it can help spur a needed re-balance in the ages old cats-vs-dogs debate.  This isn’t to imply that one is better than the other; however it’s possible a story like this can help level the playing field so people see them more as equals, because there’s nothing BML dislikes more than being considered a lesser/subordinate.  Since Black Moon Lilith represents the outcast (in Leo, it can represent the exiled/disowned feline), perhaps those who have previously counted themselves as cat detractors will start to come around to equalize their position a bit in the wake of this kitty’s daring, defiant actions!  At the very least, I’m sure this event will prove to be a boon for all the shelter cats looking for good homes!


Mars In Libra Entertainment/Query

Loooooong ago in a galaxy far, far away, I once had a very Mars-y (ex)boyfriend who used to urge my Libran ass to “Make a decision, even if it’s a wrong one!” –  I find that hilariously funny in retrospect, because it perfectly and succinctly illustrates the difference between how these two energies operate. One pulls the trigger, the other deliberates to weigh the pros against the cons.

One of Libra’s nicknames is “The Fence-sitter of the Zodiac”, which is born partially of its desire to balance opposing forces (i.e. positives vs. negatives) and partially due its consideration for others.  Libra doesn’t just think about how a decision or course of action impacts itself; rather it looks around to see how other people may be affected as well because its natural orientation is toward facilitating harmonious relations, and this can’t be had if we ignore others.

So how ya doin’ out there, Libras?  Ya’ll feelin’ a bit more decisive these days since Mars saddled into your sign back in December?  I know I am!  Let’s see if we waffle during Mars’ retrograde from March to May….!


Mars In Libra Buzzwords

Tactful Confrontation. 

That’s how you do Mars In Libra the high-class way – Boo-ya!

Pay attention to this theme, as it’s active from December of 2013-July of 2014 while Mars visits this sign.  It also falls under the “Honing our (mad) social skillz” category  – see related post .

Personally I’m pretty psyched about the opportunity to hammer this out, because doesn’t a little more grace & tact make us all better people and the world a better place? It’s why I called Mars in Libra the “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” in my February newsletter!

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Sharpening Our Social Skills During Mars In Libra: An “Unfollow” Button, The Princess And The Pea, & Grace Under Fire

Coinciding with Mars’ entrance into “put-on-a-pretty-face” Libra in December, Facebook announced they now offer a more cut-to-the-chase “unfollow” button to replace their “hide all” function. A textbook passive-aggressive, Mars-in-Libra way of dealing with relational conflict on the social networking site, rather than directly “unfriend” someone because their posts continually annoy you, one can use this feature to simply mute their posts on your feed.  This way on the surface it still *looks like* all is fine and dandy – even though it really isn’t.  This is a classic Mars-in-Libra theme if I ever did see it, including their re-packaging of the “hide all” feature to more directly state its intended purpose for dealing with others.

I have to say I’m not very fond of the basic premise of this kind of thing on principle for a number of reasons.  For one, I think it’s easier to practice this sort of “benign” form of navigating relational conflicts than it is to proactively engage in the nitty-gritty work of negotiating potential hotspots a bit more openly.  My feeling is that hitting the mute button can actually …Read more…