Mercury In Libra Clashes With Pluto & Uranus

Mercury in Libra sends us this cordial little reminder as it chafes against the Uranus-Pluto square all week!
Mercury in Libra sends us this cordial little reminder as it chafes against the Uranus-Pluto square all week!

Mercury in Libra has now moved in to frictional contact with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, effective through Saturday September 13th. This T-square can make for some unpleasant communication weirdness to say the least – under normal circumstances, Mercury in Libra is polite and poised in conversations. However, due it grating against the status-quo busting duo of Pluto & Uranus, Mercury is having a bit of difficulty maintaining its equilibrium and as such its normal verbal politesse may be on the fritz. Under these astrological conditions, it can be easy to swing from saccharine-sweet faux niceties over to shockingly abrasive words that violate decorum and restraint. People may be disinclined to say things that placate under this energy, or if they do and have been slapping a smile over their displeasure, this is a time when the façade can abruptly drop without warning. Be particularly conscious of when somebody is either under pressure or acquiescing just for the sake of getting along, because these are the folks most likely to blow a gasket under this energy.

The short version of how to handle this T-square involves:

a) Minding good conversational etiquette and making a conscious choice not to play pot-stirrer or devil’s advocate just for the hell of it.

b) Being conscious of those who share your mindset and those who do not. For the time being, gravitate TOWARD those with interests and opinions similar to your own and AWAY from those who see things very differently or who would bait you into negative or upsetting “discourse” – this is doubly so for interactions on the internet, so please beware of trolls!

c) If you’re on the fence about an issue, keep yourself out of the potential conflict that can arise from consulting varying groups with differing opinions on the matter in question, as you’re more likely to either vacillate or else possibly get drawn into a dispute. This influence can put us at odds with the ideas and opinions our peer groups/social networks vs. those of influential (possibly older) figures we respect, such as parents, a teacher, a mentor figure, etc. You can see how it might potentially present a problem if we were to ask both sides for input, and get totally conflicting answers back in reply.

d) There is also an “agent provocateur” facet of this energy, so watch who you associate with now and don’t violate your internal ethics/boundaries even if pressured. Definitely don’t adopt a mentality of going along with popular opinion just to please others as well, or to fit in with a particular (alpha) social clique, because you might not realize what you’re being drawn into. I wrote a snippet back in my April 2014 newsletter about how it’s important to be wary of the power of the group and how it’s being used with the Pluto-Uranus square in effect through 2015 – I find this an especially relevant point this week because Mercury in Libra is naturally apt to just bob its head “yes” and go along with something/someone due Libra’s agreeable nature.

 ***Addendum:  I should also mention specifically to try & be an alert, courteous driver while on the road.  Mercury in its Commuter God facet has dominion over the day-to-day forms of transport we use to get from Point “A” to Point “B” (such as cars, trains, buses, & subways).  When Uranus makes hard contact to this planet, accidents are possible – specifically the kind where we say “The other driver came from out of nowhere!” because it’s such a sudden, unanticipated energy.  If you spot anyone driving erratically and aggressively, keep your distance and give them a very wide berth.  The crazies may be out there!

All this said, this is a relatively short-duration influence and the energy will be on the upswing after it dissipates on Saturday, so it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid problem manifestations if we keep our eyes open and on the lookout. Remember that our words have power, and that “freedom (of speech) without (personal) responsibility is license, not liberty”.



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