September’s Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception

September's Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception:  Mercury will be in Libra; Venus in Virgo.
September’s Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: Mercury will be in Libra; Venus in Virgo.

Hey, peeps! Just a head’s up that we have another mutual reception coming into play between September 5th – 27th, when Mercury and Venus decide to play the role of exchange students by occupying one another’s home signs! Yes, Mercury & Venus will be mixing & mingling their energies and playing off each other for a period of about 3 weeks during September, so although this one is shorter in duration, its effects will still be palpable. Here are some highlighted themes you may notice in play this month as a result of this combination:

Discrimination in our choice of partners; health matters involving a significant other or biz partner; watching our sugar intake in our diets; talking about marriage; sibling relationships; diplomatic conversations; relations w/ co-workers/employees; discussion that involves fair give-and-take; kidney health; finding love on the job; tactful choice of words; love at the gym; criticism from a spouse/S.O.; looking at relationship routines; the girl next door; a balanced diet; relationships with neighbors; intestinal balance; analyzing how we earn/spend money & assessing financial health; a job we love; relationship health; lazy co-workers/employees; discriminating taste; making money with our hands or communication abilities; marriage-minded; relationship news; getting agreements in writing; a love of cleanliness & organization; helpful & pleasant; money in service trades; talking things out in relationships.

A caveat is due on that last one between the 8th-13th, however, when Mercury tangles with Pluto & Uranus. If a conversation is initiated at this time it may be a hard one and/or may not resolve agreeably with everyone in accord. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have those conversations if you absolutely have to; it just means go into these talks prepared to utilize a good deal of verbal finesse and/or prep yourself for the possibility that when all is said & done you still may not wind up seeing things eye-to-eye. And don’t take for granted the skill of maintaining poise & politeness even if something is said that throws you off balance – think of how to regain equilibrium if this should happen.



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