Black Moon Lilith In Leo Asks:

….”When was the last time you let your inner Black Magic Woman out to play?”



If it’s been a while, it might be time to give her some proper attention.  Black Moon Lilith is the quintessential “witchy woman”, and when her energy is active in our charts we may start seeing portents everywhere or make offerings unto the Spirit World.  We listen to our intuition; hear whispers on the wind.  We might enjoy the company of animal “familiars” and weave spells or brew “potions” by pale light of the Moon.  Under Black Moon Lilith’s energy, we’re also more likely to choose a path of (voluntary or involuntary) exile rather than one of submission – indeed, this vibe is fierce and anything but servile!  Lilith would much rather be an outcast than a lesser/subordinate – reference the fact that as Adam’s first wife she was cast out of Eden when she refused to take a subservient sexual position under him.  Speaking of sex, there’s a seductive, sexually empowered facet of BML’s energy as well, which we closely associate with the root chakra and the kundalini that lies coiled at the base of the spine.

"The Love Potion" by Evelyn De Morgan.
“The Love Potion” by Evelyn De Morgan.

So how can you conjure her up?  With Black Moon Lilith currently traversing Leo, you might summon her through the slinky, undulating movements of dance – think Shakira-esque bellydancing complete with gyrating hips as you playfully beckon a would-be lover onto the dance floor.  You could express her by getting into character and really playing up this “enchanting” vibe to the hilt through creating some potions or jewelry infused with magical intent during the night of the Full or New Moon.  You might also connect to this energy through finding some sort of inspirational or creative muse in strong, defiant, regal female figures.  For example, BML in Leo reminds me of the mythical Queen of Sheba – the beguiling pagan queen of old whose leadership savvy allowed her to remain sovereign unto herself (which was virtually unheard of during such a vastly patriarchal time), even when matching wits with the likes of King Solomon. You could also do something to honor the “outcast” facet of BML, say by adopting an unwanted feline companion as a familiar since Leo energy is all about the kitties (double bonus points if it’s a black cat). However you choose to express this energy, give your inner Black Magic Woman some free reign and let her play!




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