Path Of Least Resistance Mars

Hi-Fi Mars is awesome – it’s heroic energy and bravery incarnate among many other things! But with Mars passing over the Moon’s South Node in Aries tonight, let’s talk about the more unsavory side of this energy for a moment; the “path of least resistance” that can get us into trouble.

Lo-Fi Mars in Aries is a bully and on the South Node this indicates an excess of self-assertion. Its whole paradigm is built on conflict as well as its ability to flex its muscles in response to this; so with Mars on the Aries South Node we have to be careful how we use our strength so that we don’t push others around – especially when it comes to getting what we want. Standing up for ourselves is one thing; dominating others is another. Because Mars in Aries relishes a competition and is invigorated by the thought of winning, we should also watch for a tendency to engage in “pissing contests”, or to take anything/everything as an affront/challenge. Lo-Fi Mars loves an opportunity to trounce someone or something, so this is a situation where operating from that baseline paradigm of life = conflict CREATES conflict. As ye seek, so shall ye find, and Mars passing over the Aries South Node can be extremely pugnacious and willing to fight over nothing at the drop of a hat. Unresolved anger issues can also be problematic with this placement – Mars in Aries would be much better suited to just taking it out on a heavy bag, picking up a martial art, getting laid, or doing something – anything – else that gives this stereotypically “macho” energy a healthy outlet.  Um, well how about some virtual hand-to-hand combat with “Macho Dragons” at least, LOL?  Mars has always championed dragon-slaying, and digital Uranus lingering close to Mars would certainly approve of doing it via a futuristic medium like your computer – hey, this IS the Age Of Aquarius we’re in, after all!



Real Mars can take a challenge and respects any opponent willing to go to the mat with it, baby Mars flips out and has a tantrum if someone has the *audacity* to challenge it when it know this opponent has a strong position and it might not be able to win. Lo-Fi Mars in Aries is libel to pitch a fit before throwing its toys out of the sandbox in an infantile manner; a real sore sport. Lo-Fi Mars on the South Node can also be supremely selfish, and nobody looks out for old “Numero Uno” and is capable of demonstrating such a profound lack of consideration for others as a Lo-Fi Mars in Aries! The final angle I’ll touch upon re: Path Of Least Resistance Mars is how crass, obnoxious, and abrasive it can be when done wrong. This is the lowbrow guttersnipe complete with cockney accent – indeed, this energy in combination with Venus’ simultaneous passage through this sign does have a rather Eliza Doolittle feel to it! The Libra North Node working in concert with Venus in Aries ask that we do our best to introduce a little refinement (however challenging this may be with Venus in the sign of her detriment!) to the equation.

Hopefully this post has provided ideas for how *not* to do this energy – those with planets or points near the 10 degree mark of Aries/Libra may be particularly sensitized to this vibe at the moment. Since the Moon’s Nodes are essentially creating echoes of last year’s Mars Retrograde, issues may be brought to the forefront that are reminiscent of events that arose between late December 2013 and mid May 2014. While Libra can certainly benefit from incorporating some Martian elements into their persona now, care should be taken not to swing to the other pole and go overboard with it because it can be real easy to do under these conditions. Aries, on the other hand, should be particularly wary of the hazards outlined in this article and looking to integrate a more considerate, polite, and compromising demeanor – for both signs, it appears there has been a sort of rebalancing going on where change has been the name of the game.



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