Brian Williams: A Cautionary Tale For Saturn In Sadge

Yikes – so “Get with the program!” Saturn entered truth-seeking Sagittarius for an almost 3 year long stay back in late December 2014, and guess who has already found himself “regulated” by Saturn? NBC’s Brian Williams recently got himself into big trouble for fudging a story about how, during the Iraq war, a helicopter he was supposedly in came under fire and had to make an emergency landing. Needless to say, this was not the truth and it seems Saturn has now come along to fact-check his ass!

Sagittarius is the sign of broadcast journalism, and when Saturn visits the sign he definitely requires that we “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” or face the consequences. Brian Williams may be the first newscaster casualty to be felled by their own hand during Saturn in Sagittarius, but I doubt he’s likely to be the last – especially with the approaching square between Saturn & Neptune activated this year & next. Lo-Fi Neptune represents self-undoing and deception, and as this planet clashes with Saturn during 2015 & 2016, we should expect hard truths to hit if/when we’ve been fibbing to ourselves or others. For the field of journalism as a whole, this transit is definitely all about integrity & ethics – those involved in this profession are well advised to walk the straight-and-narrow.

A simple & accurate equation for the Saturn/Neptune square. Let’s not get all Eeyore with it; rather treat it more like a Buddhist philosophy so that we avoid being Pollyanna-ish!

For the rest of us, we should know the disillusioning potential of this transit comes into play whenever our expectations are held too high. That phrase about expectation being the companion of disappointment comes to mind – especially as this pertains to our journalists, politicians, and religious leaders with Saturn in Sagittarius. I think this is a good time for the humanity as a whole to be asking itself what kind of illusions it may still be holding onto regarding any/all of the above. Thanks to Pluto’s passage thru Sagittarius from 1995-2008, gone are the days of Walter Cronkite being the “predominant news voice” and “most trusted man” in America – perversely enough, rising in his place to snatch away this unofficial title was Jon Stewart; a comedian with an uncanny ability to expose corruption via satire on his daily missives. Surely this was a sign that things in the journalism world were pretty effed up, no? It will be interesting to see who moves in to fill this void with Stewart’s planned retirement from his “fake newscaster” role as The Daily Show’s anchor later in 2015. Will we go back to believing conventional journalists? Will all the Neptunian flim-flam have us trusting no one at all?

Regarding humanity asking itself what kind of illusions it may still be holding onto regarding journalism, politicians, and religious leaders, we should also note how Pluto’s journey thru Sadge saw events like accusations of rigged elections (think: the Bush-Gore election of ’00 in the US), and sex abuse scandals within the church. If Pluto in Sadge exposed filth and corruption in these areas, could it be that Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius from late 2014 to 2017 could finally help to clean them up? Maybe, maybe not – although the idealist in me would like to point at the above example of Saturn in Sadge attempting to straighten out Brian Williams as hopeful evidence, my gut still says “not so fast” with the approaching ongoing square between Saturn & Neptune in the mix.

I think it will all depend upon how much we’ve (individually and collectively) been trying to protect ourselves with illusions, because as the old Native American proverb says, “You cannot wake a man who pretends to be sleeping”. Instead of harmoniously integrating our hopeful ideals with truthful reality, some prefer to voluntarily live in a dream world in order to protect their (ostensibly fragile) ideologies. The less practice we have at being honest with OURSELVES first and foremost, the more likely we are to try and insulate ourselves from any hard truths; see-no-evil/hear-no-evil/speak-no-evil style. For those who believe only what they want to believe and whose whole worlds could shatter at the very prospect of a collision with a come-to-Jesus challenge to their paradigms, denial may be just be easier/preferable and employed as a self-protective measure. Remember that Neptune energy is like a bubble, and Saturn’s hard surface serves as a would-be pin-prick. But with Neptune strong and residing in the sign of its domicile, we cannot guarantee that all delusions will be busted – those who fear the truth may still take every evasive maneuver possible to escape it.



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