Planets As Superheroes (Or Supervillains…)

Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen
Image credit: Rodney C Jacobsen

I’m always entertained whenever Art imitates Astrology – case in point: Magneto of Marvel Comics fame! This world-class supervillain shares many characteristics of the archetypal Pluto, though he does range toward the darker expression of this planet’s energy overall. Magneto is known as the Master of Magnetism, and as any astrology 101 book will tell you, Pluto’s energy works on this very same metaphorical principle – the invisible power to draw, pull, compel, or fascinate. Plutonic energy exerts dense gravitational force much like a magnet – it enthralls and captivates; almost as if a spell or tractor beam were placed upon us. Now Magneto may exemplify the more literal side of Pluto energy with his supernatural power over magnetism, but there are plenty of other ways their characteristics appear strikingly similar.

In most storylines, Magneto is depicted as being bent on power and destruction – both qualities that resonate with the Lo-Fi expression of Pluto. Beyond surface appearances, though, his story is far more complex as befits his alignment with this planet. His underlying motivations in seeking power and repeated attempts to destroy humanity are to – in his point of view – save the mutant race from the prospect of extinction at the hands of mankind.

Why is this so? Check this shit out: His background includes being a Jewish Holocaust survivor – Pluto is always the survivor! “That which does not kill me makes me stronger”…and all of that business! I’d say Magneto has taken this premise to the next level as he’s become quite a force to be reckoned with – I mean, how many times have the X-men tried to stop him??

So Magneto carries with him this deep trauma (again, Pluto) of being the sole survivor in his family. He somehow manages to make it through what was arguably the most horrific period in human history, and you have to figure that’s going to leave a few psychological marks on a person. Now from this information we could theorize that perhaps if he were more aligned with the Hi-Fi side of this energy and had hypothetical access to therapeutic tools, maybe he wouldn’t have become the would-be destroyer of the human race and perpetual nemesis of the X-men. But what happened instead is this black experience corrupted his psyche to where oppressing his oppressors became his “final solution” – he adopted a “kill them before they kill us” mentality. And therein we see how Plutonic energy has the potential to twist and become toxic when it’s not adequately addressed – the dysfunction is perpetuated instead of healed.

Psychological profile aside, Magneto is a complex character and we know this is a planet that relishes it when things are complicated & decidedly less than black-and-white. Although the majority of the time we see him in the role of villain (and this *is* a role Pluto energy is quite accustomed to being in), other times he is depicted as an anti-hero and there are even storylines that feature him as a good guy. He also has multiple aliases and a mysterious background, and if there’s one thing Pluto loves, it’s an AKA.

So as if all this weren’t enough, there are few other key points of consideration. First we have Magneto’s strength & durability, which are well beyond normal human limits. A key theme of Pluto is indeed resiliency; the ability to “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ ”. Then we have Magneto’s ability to turn himself invisible – ah yes, nobody loves a cloaking device quite like old Pluto! As evidence, you may recall from ancient Roman mythology that Pluto did indeed possess a helmet of invisibility. Lastly, Magneto has an extremely developed ability to “read” people – the small nuanced expressions in their facial features, movements, and body language that can give him insight into what they’re thinking, feeling, or whether or not they’re lying. He refers to this as “taking your enemy’s measure”. Needless to say, this is *not* a dude you want to play poker with, LOL! Like our boy Magneto, Plutonic energy is also extremely adept at sizing up the undercurrent(s)of a situation or a person, is notoriously skilled at picking up on all kinds of little “tells”, and has an excellent “bullshit detector” to boot – coincidence? I think not!

Perhaps Stan Lee – Magneto’s creator – knew what he was doing when he was conceptualizing what would eventually become one of the most recognized and revered villains in comic book history. It should come as no great surprise to anyone reading to know that Stan Lee had an innate, instinctive understanding of Plutonic energy (even if he knew nothing of astrology) by virtue of the fact that both his Sun & Mercury are hardwired into Pluto via an opposition. In fact, his natal chart has many Plutonic features – he has Venus and Jupiter in Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the latter of which also being connected to Pluto. His Pluto also contacts his Mars/Uranus conjunction – that alone is like mainlining Pluto, LOL. Now it would definitely be a stretch to presume that Magneto might serve as a sort of alter-ego for Lee, but these Plutonic connections in Stan’s chart – consciously or subconsciously – were clearly able to be tapped so that he could create one of the most memorable and enduring comic characters ever to exist.



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