The Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception

Mercury has entered Taurus (sign of moo-lah) tonight while Material Girl Venus floats through Gemini, and you know what this means…! Yes, we have a mutual reception between Mercury and Venus in effect for a good 2+ weeks! This pairing puts our minds on our money and our money on our minds, to riff on a lyric from urban poet laureate Snoop Dogg, LOL. Tap this mojo to generate ideas for revenue, and definitely use your Gift of Gab to get commercial transactions flowing. Be polite, polished, and affable in all conversations, because the easier you are to talk to, the easier it will be to ask for (and be granted) favors. For some, this energy could correlate to joining with a co-worker, sibling, or other relation for the purposes of commerce – even for those that don’t, know that partnering up with someone to bounce your thoughts off one another may prove particularly fruitful/lucrative now. Also, if you have to engage in diplomatic negotiations of any kind, this is the astrology to do it under because the chances of everyone being able to reach an accord are higher than normal.

The Mercury and Venus-ruled signs – Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, & Libra – capitalize on this vibe most, but ANYONE can use it to their advantage by seeking out avenues that allow for conscious manifestation of any of these desirable traits. Raising our consciousness and being aware these energies are, in fact, out there for us all to access is all that’s required for to resonate with them. Along this vein, the main pitfalls to watch out for with this mutual reception may involve a tendency to be a bit too agreeable to the point that it veers into “yes-man/woman” territory, and mental laziness. While this is a light and sociable pairing, the tendency may be to seek social distractions so the intellect doesn’t have to work too hard – allowing mental inertia to take over potentially squanders the more tangible benefits this pairing has to offer us. Also, this energy does like to talk, but instead of chatting aimlessly about superficialities, dialog should serve as a vehicle for true connectedness and bonding – try using this mojo to tell someone you value/appreciate/like/love them.



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