The Pluto/Saturn Mutual Reception, Revisited

Saturn is just about to dip back into Scorpio tomorrow for a final 3 month long foray before leaving this sign for good (well, the foreseeable future, anyway!) in September. This reignites a mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, as both planets will once again come to reside in each other’s domicile. The vibe of this is heavy and intense, and one thing that has been a recurring theme for me in contemplating the co-mingling of these energies over the last 2 1/2 years is the concept of a power:weight ratio.

The power:weight ratio is something you hear about often within the context of auto racing circles. You want enough weight on your vehicle to keep the rubber on the road – this helps you to have better control and avoid doing a wheelie, as the most effective use of energy always involves a straight line since the least amount of waste occurs when this happens. But you also don’t want so much weight on your car that too much drag is created, as this would essentially render your horsepower ineffective.

If we were to take this premise and look at it in a more metaphorical sense, Saturn is an energy that we associate with weight; i.e. responsibility, burden, duty, etc.. Pluto, on the other hand, concerns our personal power and the ability to make major gear shifts (transformations) in life. It is the internal combustion powerplant that takes stored energy and transmutes it into kinetic energy in order to propel us forward.

It takes skillful management – and sometimes lots of trial and error – to get this ratio just right. We need to be grounded in reality and aware of the responsibilities we carry so that we use our personal power correctly and not corruptly. Doing so prevents us from the repercussion that would otherwise come from dumping them off somewhere they don’t belong. Conversely, we also need to be very aware of the weight of duty so that it doesn’t suck us down the tubes, because it does have a definite undertow now. Some time ago, I wrote in one of my newsletters about how this is an optimal time to cut losses – when we’ve invested a lot of time, money, energy, support, etc. in something or someone and it just hasn’t provided a concrete return for our efforts, we also need to know when it is time to fold. It is self-protective to do so and provides us a lesson in survival basics to cut the rope on any anchor we’ve been holding that would otherwise pull us under.

I believe there is value in honoring our commitments even when the road seems treacherously difficult. But that said, when this moves to an extreme point that it actually on some level threatens to kill us (psychically, emotionally, energetically) with its crushing weight, this is something altogether different. Under this mutual reception, I have seen a lot of people learning the hard way to protect their energies by cutting certain ties – even when they have been previously afraid to do because of the prospect of loss (emotional, financial, etc.). I have also witnessed those who have had the weight of the world held up on their shoulders (either by circumstance or on a self-imposed basis) and cringed when this got to the point their knees eventually bucked under the strain and they were sent crashing to the ground. Being “the strong one” or “Man/Woman of Steel”, if you prefer, can carry its own shadow – it may actually be something that limits intimacy and the capacity for deep exchange on a soul level. If this sounds like a resonant theme in your life, definitely work on it, because this mutual reception is all about grinding out our psychological “baggage” so we can fortify ourselves from the very core of our being outward and reclaim our power.

This mutual reception says above all else: Learn exactly what you can (or can’t) let go of. If a debt is legitimately yours, make good on it because this will help keep Saturn’s karmic “wheels” (or perhaps that’s “rings” LOL?) planted firmly on the ground so they don’t come boomeranging back at you later. But don’t keep a death grip on a burden that is not yours (or entirely yours) to bear, either, because it can crate hellacious drag and under this energy others may be all too willing to try pawning theirs off on good old reliable, responsible You – shut that shit down! There is a higher likelihood of there being joint responsibilities (energetically, emotionally, fiscally) in a scenario that has broken down now – accept only your part in it and don’t take on somebody else’s shit on top of your own, because doing so robs them of the necessary lesson that they do indeed have to clean up their own messes.

If you are dealing with a situation in your own life where your energy is feeling sapped but you are unsure of whether or not the right thing to do is to suck it up or to stop and drop, consider putting a hard deadline on making a firm decision about whether to pull your chips out. Ideally, this would be before Sept 17th when Saturn leaves Scorpio for good and this mutual reception comes to a close.



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