Astro-Soundbite Du Jour

LOL, I was chatting with my yoga teacher last night when she related a funny little story to me.  One of her other jobs is to run wilderness hiking tours at a prestigious local inn..she had this husband and wife couple wanting to do a scenic hike, and the amusing thing was the husband *insisted* on leading this excursion despite her being there.  She smiled to herself and decided it was No Big Deal…she’d just let him do his thing and see what happened.  Needless to say, she had a good internal chuckle as he then proceeded to get them very lost despite having the aid of a map, LOL.  She wasn’t lost, of course – she knew these woods like the back of her hand.  But he grew increasingly distressed as it became glaringly apparent to all that they were nowhere near the supposed landmarks he was looking for, insisting “But the map SAYS…!”  – umm, newsflash, dude: It helps if you hold the map the right way!  😛

This is what happens when egos get a bit inflated, which can be a possible side effect of the Leo stellium we’re presently under.  Don’t worry, though – Saturn’s right there to kneecap anyone who needs to be taken down a peg or two via an uncomfortable humility lesson!  Saturn in Scorpio challenging this pride of Leo planets can be quite good at creating highly visible spectacles that may damage public image/reputation/societal standing…a good precaution to keep in mind if we’re inclined to believe our own hype without necessarily having the goods to back it up! Make sure that swagger is legit, son, because if not you can sure bet Saturn will, LOL!  Sometimes less *can* be more as it keeps us from going over-the-top, and Saturn in Scorp IS an especially minimalist placement – it beckons you to leave what you can behind, because there are certain things you can’t carry with you if you want to survive.  Its vibe is predominantly utilitarian and survivalist, so things that are just for fun or show may seem decidedly inappropriate now.   Like discounting the wisdom and experience of your tour guide just because your ginormous ego decides it wants to puff up its chest and play Star Of The Show.   😛

Ergo, before bragging or stepping out of line and getting too big for our britches let’s take heed of all this, because Saturn has been known to be rather harsh when we don’t wise up and Scorpio Medicine can indeed have quite the sting!



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