If You Consider Yourself “Spiritual”, Please Read This

So it’s Public Service Announcement time, as we are officially gearing up for the first exact square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces on November 26th, 2015. One huge theme that keeps resurfacing in my consciousness with this square is the idea that we had damn well better be practicing whatever it is we’re preaching and doing our best to get a handle on any behaviors that might be considered *ahem* hypocritical, as one of the things Saturn presents to us in Sagittarius is lessons regarding honesty!

The hazard with Neptune involved in an ongoing, contentious serious of squares to this planet is that it’s very easy to become delusional about whether or not we’re “getting right” in a spiritual sense, so this is a really good time to start looking at any possible incongruity between what we believe and how we put this into practice so we don’t wind up with egg on our face. Or worse – Saturn in Sagittarius represents the good reputation and with Neptune’s tidal waves repeatedly crashing against it over the next year, our good social standing could well be washed out to sea if we aren’t careful. Saturn + Neptune would have us get real about our own human faults and foibles – especially in a moral or spiritual sense – and do the work needed to keep us humble and honest; ensuring we’re not applying some kind of feigned high principle or double standard and then fooling ourselves about it. NoBullsOur belief structure and how we apply it comes into question, and we while we may try to pull the wool over our own eyes, there’s a good chance Divinity will see what we’re up to & provide adequate consequences that will serve as a bit of a “reality check” under this series of squares – this may or may not come in the form of someone else calling us on our bullshit.   😉

So consider this fair warning.

But instead of getting defensive about it and slipping into self-protective denial that there may, in fact, be a problem, this may be a challenge to take a hard and honest look at ourselves and our spirituality. We don’t have to beat ourselves up about it, either – we ALL make mistakes! But the goal is to work on anything that might be preventing us from staying on the spiritual straight-and-narrow, and in this instance the best approach is leading by example. We can lecture and/or sermonize all day long, but the REALLY hard part involves applying the same spiritual rules to OURSELVES. It’s not going to be enough to just pay a high moral or ethical standard or ideal lip service with this energy; we have to roll up our sleeves and actually apply it to our own lives. The takeaway? Hard and honest (yet compassionate) self-reflection does us good now – remember, this is only the first of 3 exact squares we’re facing, so we have a long way to go yet. These squares will be the prevailing influence from now until the latter part of 2016, so if we’ve somehow gotten spiritually off-track, there is still plenty of time to right the ship.



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