More Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces

Ugh, talk about “speak of the devil…!” I’m sorry I even brought up the subject of warped ideological frameworks in my last post and then for the sake of contextual balance actually cited the example of  those who claim to be pro-life and yet who bomb abortions clinics/murder those who work there, as under the first exact hit of the Saturn/Neptune square last week a man in Colorado Springs, Colorado apparently went to a Planned Parenthood clinic and shot up the place, killing 3 and injuring 9. Police also found propane tanks scattered around the shooter’s car in the parking lot and deduced that he had apparently been trying to shoot the tanks in hopes of causing an explosion. Source: CNN.

The marker of this whole situation indeed being a manifestation of the Lo-Fi potential of Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces was this little tidbit I read regarding what a journalist from the NY Times found when visiting the shooter’s home in Hartsel, Colorado. The journalist described the residence as a “white trailer with a forest-green four-wheeler by the front door and a modest black cross painted on one end”. Source: NPR.  I will re-iterate what I said in my last post by stressing the problem lies with a mis-application of “spirituality”; a rigid and yet twisted interpretation of the supposed “word of god”. There is a definite distortion of morality and ethics occurring when the Ten Commandments dictate “Thou shalt not kill” and yet, as in this case, there are still those who selectively apply this precept. The existence of this kind of hypocrisy and double standards is not a phenomenon exclusive to any particular faith – putting it bluntly, there are people who do wacky shit under the banner of “religion” across the board (whether this is the Islamic Crescent, the Christian Cross, or anything else) so there is no sense in pointing to any particular faith as “the bad guy”.

This is why I made a point of saying the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces presents an ideal time to take a hard and honest look at our spirituality and how we are applying it in an earlier post. No bullshit double standards or hypocrisy – now obviously this event is an extreme manifestation that illustrates the profound disconnect that can occur if/when we keep deluding and deceiving ourselves about whether or not we are legitimately walking our talk and truly practicing whatever it is we’re purporting to believe, but pseudo-spirituality can come in many different forms and there are a variety of ways to misuse “faith” as an excuse for escaping moral/spiritual accountability. Ergo, under this square it is always good to stop and take a time-out once in a while to do a spiritual reality check.  Besides, if we don’t do it for ourselves, there is a very good chance that under this square someone else may come along and do this for us….



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