A Jupiter In Virgo Perspective

With Jupiter now direct and preparing to wrap up its tour of wellness-oriented Virgo while currently sitting opposite illusionary Neptune and squaring reality-check Saturn, I think it’s time to talk some health Truth and dispel a big myth about the concept of “healthy” as this pertains to diet & nutrition. Since we’re in the era of green and healthy living this is an issue that (although often well-intended) sometimes tends to get twisted, but with the astro we have in play it’s a good time to straighten this kind of thing out and correct any misperceptions.

This is the primary Truth as I see it: The term “healthy eating” is something entirely subjective – it relies heavily upon context and is completely dependent upon what the perception of “good” is. For example, are we striving for weight loss? Optimal nutrition? To feel better? To eat in a manner that we find ethical? Are we striving for an organic diet? To bring better balance to our lives through wellness philosophies like Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine? Trying to use diet to manage a specific physical challenge? You get the picture – what we consider “healthy” or “unhealthy” is entirely dependent upon which lens we’re viewing this issue from and there is no one “right” answer because it is all subject to interpretation.

Occasionally I see people trying to impose their health dogma upon others like some kind of dietetic evangelist as if it were a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, and I just have to shake my head because it absolutely is not. It’s a myth that there is only “one way” to eat healthy, and I’m not sure why people get so hung up on believing their “way” is *the only* way – what’s right and good for one may not necessarily be the same for another, because every body is different! There is no sense becoming self-righteous or holier-than-thou about our own dietary philosophy, because at the end of the day, who are we to judge? We’re not in their shoes and living in their skin, so can’t even possibly begin to determine the “right” nutritional needs for a physique that isn’t the one we currently inhabit. It really is no different than moralistically judging someone for their “lifestyle choices”, if you know what I mean. So rather than get preachy about the issue, remember the old “Judge not lest ye be judged” axiom, because it is so, SO applicable to health and diet matters while Jupiter is in Virgo! Let’s all strive to have a broader understanding of nutritional diversity and that it’s a GOOD thing – less dietary judgment and criticism; more tolerance!




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