Mars Conjunct Saturn In Sagittarius & Doing The “Right” Thing

At the beginning of August Mars re-entered Sagittarius, and since doing so it has been creeping ever closer to a conjunction with Saturn at 10˚ of this sign.  When Mars is in Sagittarius, our actions tend to be guided by our (subjective) perception of Truth; of what is right, good, and morally correct.  Sagittarius represents our internal compass, you see; our ability to perceive “right” from “wrong” and live in accordance with our moral bearings.  This is why Sadge has an association with (neutrally) our judgement, as well as (negatively, on the Lo-Fi side) hypocrisy – the old “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” when one fails to practice what they preach like an evangelistic pastor righteously railing against sin and then living a private life that would make Sodom & Gomorrah look like Disneyland.  Sometimes our internal compasses don’t always point to True North.

As Mars creeps ever closer to Saturn in Sagittarius, a tendency to “do the (again, subjectively) right thing” can become harder.  Saturn’s energy affecting Mars is much like running oneself up against a large stone wall – there’s often a sizeable challenge, impediment, or obstacle in the way that makes the going harder. It is possible there is a difficult reality to contend with and put into context.  Do we quit what we’re doing?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  But at the very least is IS important that we pause and take a look at this resistance to our actions, because this conjunction isn’t operating in a vacuum.

Image courtesy of the RWS Tarot deck.
Image courtesy of the RWS Tarot deck.

Enter Neptune.  Neptune is a mere degree away from an exact square to this duo, adding all kinds of distortion to the mix and potentially leading us to take an action where we metaphorically shoot ourselves in the foot.  Perhaps what we have perceived as “the right thing to do” is actually skewed and has caused us suffering – now we suspend judgement and turn our perspective upside-down much like The Hanged Man in the Tarot.  Maybe we are lacking self-compassion and have been holding ourselves to a higher standard of behavior than we would hold anyone else in similar circumstances. Perhaps the “resistance” we encounter as this conjunction of Mars and Saturn perfects on August 24th is merely trying to show us that we are going the wrong way.  Or doing the “wrong” thing.  To clarify, I don’t mean “wrong” in a moral context; I mean that it’s possible we’ve made an error in judgement where what we’ve been doing or the way we’ve been doing it has made it excessively hard on ourselves.  We are all human – nobody is Jesus.  We’re all just trying to do the best that we can do to in accordance with our own conscience so we can lay our head down on our pillow and sleep at night.

So if you find yourself trying to do what you believe is right and nonetheless encountering resistance from The Universe every step of the way as this conjunction tightens its iron vise-like grip, please pause and consider all of this. If it feels like you have a cross to bear, perhaps it is time to release.  Have compassion for yourself rather than punish yourself, because even Divinity has mercy.



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