Repost- Mars Conjunct Saturn In Sagittarius: Punching Above Your Weight

NB:  The following is an updated repost as Mars has re-entered Sagittarius and is presently making its way toward a conjunction with heavyweight Saturn on August 24th.  We were within striking distance to a conjunction between these two planets back in April before Mars halted its movement to turn retrograde and back out, but now it’s officially on like Donkey Kong!

Warrior planet Mars has been traversing Sagittarius since early August, and in a few short weeks The Red Planet makes a conjunction with hefty Saturn. The weeks before this event can be thought of as if it were getting ready for some kind of huge and highly-publicized title fight and for several months the theme “punching above your weight” has been on my mind re: this energy – let me explain…

In Traditional astrology, Mars & Saturn are considered malefics; i.e. generally speaking wherever these guys go in the chart, Trouble tends to follow. It’s not as if they are without their positive facets; it’s just that – as a first order – what you are inclined to get is conflict (Mars) and adversity (Saturn). Can these be overcome? Absolutely. But I think when these two celestial bodies join together to form an astrological Tag Team of Tribulation, it is only good sense to be on the lookout for the more problematic manifestations.

When I see this duo expressing their energies within the confines of a specific house or concentrating their energies upon a certain planet, I feel there is a real possibility of finding ourselves at some kind of competitive disadvantage in that area of life. For example, we may literally be going up against a stronger opponent; someone with a better reputation, more status, authority, or general clout. This isn’t meant to inspire fear; rather to instill an appropriate level of respect for the challenges we may be up against in a given area of life – particularly if we find ourselves outranked/outclassed in some way. So before initiating some kind of conflict (especially a legal one with both malefics in litigious Sagittarius) that could blow up and carry big consequences, I think it’s important to pause and check the ego. Because when Mars occupies this sign, the default inclination may be to operate from a place of moralistic “right fighting”. It is certainly one thing to fight for Justice and/or Truth, but it’s quite another to identify the ego so strongly with the principle of being “right” that we fail to see the warning signs that advise “Danger Ahead”.

Remember Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for the NES back in the day? Playing this dude named Little Mac & invariably getting your ass kicked the first time you went up against old Iron Mike? Yeah, this astrological energy can be a lot like that.

Mars combining with Saturn can so often lend itself to an “Enforcer” type of vibe, and especially if we find ourselves placing our perception of Truth up against someone else’s, this can indeed be a recipe for Trouble when righteousness runs amok. We may get so focused upon what someone else is doing “wrong” that we could lose sight of our own behavior (and thus the broader ramifications that may come of this) in the process. This isn’t a time to let a beef become something bigger than it needs to be – ideally, we manage it at an optimally appropriate level whenever possible. If for some reason these containment measures aren’t enough and we wind up legitimately needing to escalate it, we do so gradually and with a full understanding of the totality of what we’re up against.

Pausing to show beneficial self-restraint while considering the big-picture perspective of whether or not – in the Grand Scheme of Things – this is a philosophical hill worth metaphorically dying upon can help us avoid bigger problems down the road….I’m thinking potential scenarios that could entail damage to things like our reputation or bigger long-term goals – such as career prospects – for example. Because this to me looks like it can have all the makings of a public and high-profile fight of some kind….perhaps one of biblical proportions, even. It’s not that David can’t overcome Goliath; it’s just that before we find ourselves in a “punching above our weight” kind of scenario, it’s prudent to take a step back and consider whether we really want a conflict to become a potentially defining moment/event in our lives because it looks like something that has the ability to take up a lot of time & energy. If this is indeed something we must do, then preparation and timing will be key – train hard and make sure to land a solid hit at the most opportune moment possible. A sling may also help.  😉

Be advised the energy of this conjunction builds over the next couple of weeks, with the Main Event happening on August 24th.



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