More Saturn In Sagittarius

I mentioned a while back in a previous post that with Saturn in Sagittarius, the type of evil to fear most is quite possibly “The indifference of good men”.  To recap a bit, Hi-Fi Saturn is about protection and when it resonates with the higher side of Sagittarius, it does so without regard to things like race, culture, socio-economic status, age, gender, or sexual orientation because we are all a part of the HUMAN race. Saturn in Sagittarius largely deals with the reality that – as members of this global human race – each person has an individual responsibility toward the Collective Good. When we are firm in our principles and seeking to live an upright life there really isn’t room for “The indifference of good men”, because our goodness and virtue only extend as far as our willingness to protect what is right, true, & just when presented with tests such as the ones we now face with Saturn now at the halfway point of its journey through Sagittarius.

Yes, I am referencing Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, among many others.

The global community is being challenged like never before during Saturn in Sagittarius’ prolonged square to Neptune in Pisces square to deal with the reality of prejudice rather than sticking our heads in the ground like a bunch of ostriches and pretending this doesn’t exist.  And more importantly, it is time to figure out how we can put a stop to it.

Frankly, I’d like to think this will eventually resolve itself as age continues to claim old-school folk with residual dinosaur mentalities re: these issues.  But what scares me is the fact that over my lifetime I have never seen such a sharp and abrupt backslide toward the dark ages of civil rights as I have in these last few years.  I am disgusted that men with badges jump right to the use of lethal force because they claim to be in fear for their lives and that it doesn’t dawn on them 1) what kind of conscious or even nebulous, unconscious bias may have played a role in the manifestation of that fear  2) the extensive training they had been given in police academy also taught them how to use non-lethal means to protect themselves (taser, pepper spray, etc.) – do they suddenly forget this?  3) that if one finds themselves so afraid that they are in danger of making a grave error in judgement that may result in the wrongful death of another human being, then they are clearly not fit for duty  4) that if one is prepared to discharge their weapon in the line of duty, then they had damn well better be willing to be accountable for doing so.

I don’t mean to sound as if I am completely unsympathetic to law enforcement, because it is unquestionably a dangerous job – especially for beat cops working in crime-laden districts.  There absolutely ARE reasons for having legitimate fear.  But when Saturn squares Neptune, fear is apt to become exaggerated and unrealistic – especially if/when it’s hiding a bias of some kind.  Police – being Saturn-ruled – are especially affected by this energy, to the point where it has now become an epidemic.

Mars has finally left volcanic Scorpio and its volatile contact to Uranus.  Its aching trine to Chiron suggested that we are all in pain and must heal the violence in our psyches.  Now, as it approaches a conjunction to Saturn once again (exact on August 24), more than ever we must address police brutality so there is accountability.  There simply has to be consequences for use of excessive force that results in another human being’s death – justice for all regardless of race!



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