Black Moon Lilith In Scorpio

"Caduceus" by sculptor James Muir.
“Caduceus” by sculptor James Muir.

Black Moon Lilith first entered Scorpio back on May 21, 2016, but it’s only recently this energy has become incredible palpable to me. I’ve always felt the Black Moon has a natural affinity for Scorpio, where it tends to really heighten her witchy, occult side and her sinuous vibes seem to have entwined themselves into my consciousness as of late.  I have been positively inundated with Lilith symbolism for weeks now, which is certainly no surprise given that I am gearing up for a Lilith Return.  It began with the conspicuous appearance of two real-life snakes within a week of each other and subsequently kicked into high gear when I found myself immersed in some deep and heavy Lilith-themed topics.  Then last night I had a dream…

Let me preface what I am about to say by first explaining that I have an extremely strong connection with the animal kingdom and always have ever since I was a child.  I also frequently dream of animals – everything from whales to mice and pretty much every kind of critter in between; many of which are not even indigenous to my part of the world.  A paradigm-shifting conversation with my shaman girlfriend clued me into the fact this was extremely unusual, and she encouraged me to start looking at these animal appearances on a symbolic level. Now every time I have a real-life animal encounter or dream of one I meditate upon its esoteric meaning – if nothing immediately jumps out at me, I hit up the interwebz for further info using search terms like “whale symbolism”, “leopard totem”, “bear Medicine”, or similar.

In my dream last night, I was bitten by an opalescent cobra. Everyone around me had been running from it, but for some reason I wasn’t afraid and walked toward the serpent.  From afar it looked typical of its species at first, but when I got close enough to it to pick it up I immediately saw that it had an almost mucosal iridescent sheen that made it appear rainbow-colored – it was then I realized I held something extraordinary. I gazed at it head-on, taking note of its slender neck and small hood – almost as if hypnotized – and feeling how cool to the touch and heavy in its slinky muscularity it was. A moment or two after the realization I was holding such a remarkable creature, it quite naturally decided to strike and sink its fangs into my hand.  Although I was mildly surprised by the incident, I didn’t seem particularly concerned by the fact that I had just been bitten by a venomous creature.  But the event was nonetheless enough to rouse me from my slumber shortly thereafter.

I awoke with the words “rainbow serpent” embedded in my consciousness, knowing it was a “thing” and that I needed to research this topic further. I then laid there in semi-conscious, almost trance-like state scrying, letting my mind wander in order to ascertain more about its symbolic meaning. The first thing that popped into my head regarding the rainbow serpent was a connection to kundalini energy; the rainbow colors of the snake representing the kaleidoscopic colors of the body’s seven chakras and the cobra itself signifying this latent force that is said to be coiled at the base of the spine.  It was then the word “Lilith” surfaced in my awareness…according to my shaman girlfriend, bites, scratches, and stings are all symbolic Initiations where an animal imbues a person with their energy – I laughed, knowing I was indeed about to experience a Lilith Return.  I then roused myself to consult my digital ephemeris on a hunch…would you look at that – Black Moon Lilith in symbolism-loving Scorpio currently forming an exact sextile to injectable Pluto this morning!  Lilith definitely shot me up with a hefty dose of her Medicine in the wee hours last night, that’s for sure…!  😉


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