Jupiter In Libra: Opening Doors For Others

I was walking up to the wide double doors at my gym when out of the corner of my eye I spied a lovely young lass approaching from my left. As I opened one of the outermost doors for myself, I paused to hold it open for her as well and she responded by saying “Thank you so much – here, let me return the favor” as she proceeded to beckon me through the secondary set of doors leading into the building. As I walked through, I smiled and replied “One good turn deserves another”, all the while thinking what a Jupiter in Libra statement this was and wondering if she were a fellow Libran – perhaps the whole interaction had played out the way it did due a mutual energetic affinity with one another.

Building upon a previous post wherein I discussed some of the themes of Jupiter’s year-long tour of Libra and outlined some of the better ways to use this energy, one of the biggies with this placement is indeed the concept of reciprocal blessings and how one good turn really does deserve another. I asked my readers to contemplate whether they give as good as they get, and this mundane little tale about my goings-on at the gym is a precise and yet small-scale illustration of WHY it’s so important that we do so under this energy.

I just wanted to be nice, courteous, and to do a good deed for another – that’s all. It feels good – there was no expectation attached to the outcome or any hope for personal gain involved in doing so. But when the other party benefited from this straightforward and honest gesture of kindness, her appreciation led her to reciprocate. It’s a beautiful thing, really – this is what I mean when I said others help to bring out the best in us now. Our relationships are mirrors, and when our own vibe is up it tends to attract others who are similarly geared – we BOTH benefited from politely and harmoniously interacting with one another. I also particularly love the metaphor inherent in opening the door for someone – it symbolically represents both an invitation AND an opportunity, if you think about it. So be good and generous and to others, because they will be good to you!



2 thoughts on “Jupiter In Libra: Opening Doors For Others

  1. There is a very important fact: you open doors for many of us every day. Showing us what yo look for; avoid, think about. You gift us with daily pathways. Blessings.

  2. Awwww, you are so kind – such a lovely compliment that gladdens my heart! Happy to be of service ❤ Libra New Moon blessings to you as well, my friend!


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