Sun Conjunct Jupiter In Libra, Visually!

© 2016. All rights reserved.

Equinox Blessings! This is what the present conjunction of the Sun + Jupiter in Libra looks like on the western horizon; quite possibly the most gorgeous sunset I have ever personally witnessed! The photo above is totally unenhanced and the colors were absolutely unreal; a Parrish-esque smattering of apricot, peach & plum captured in the clouds as daylight waned and faded softly into the night. Traditionally the Sun is said to be “in its fall” in Libra, meaning “in a weakened state”. While this is certainly true on a physical level here in the Northern Hemisphere as the days grow shorter and its light & heat diminish, I myself am quite fond of this energy and find it to be a lovely placement – I fully acknowledge that I am biased, though, having some Libra energy myself.  😉

Libra is the sign of beauty and when the Sun graces this sign while boosted by Jupiter, the glory of the Sun becomes super enhanced; particularly at sunrise & sunset when these planets crest over the angular astrological plane we know as the horizon.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to appreciate just how stunning the Sun can be at these times, do make it a point to get out at dawn or dusk and take it all in over the next few days – you won’t be disappointed.  ❤



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