Mercury Direct Trine Pluto: Un-Fuck Your Brain

Apologies for the title and tone of this post, but with Mercury currently trine Pluto the intensity is wholly warranted.

This is a PSA: We have an extremely potent station of Mercury today courtesy of its tight contact to Pluto as both bodies turn from retrograde motion to direct movement – Mercury today, and Pluto on Monday. So rather than frittering away mental and verbal energy discussing mundane crap (Brangelina divorce, I’m lookin’ at you), why not expend it discussing deeper, more insightful subjects instead? Possibly uncomfortable ones that are darker in nature, even. Such as the Pluto-in-Capricorn topic of the murders police are perpetrating against people of color here in the USA. I know it’s not pleasant and may be disturbing, but we have to talk about the reality of all the ugly shit going down in order to transform it because it is a cancer in need of Radiation (Illumination). And with the Sun newly into Libra conjunct Jupiter, racial inequality sure would seem like a good place to start to me.

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But my point in explaining all of this is that I hope we will collectively challenge ourselves and work toward getting away from pointing fingers at those from different cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. and using these events as, quite frankly, a bullshit excuse to support or defend bias.

Almost a year ago in that same December 2014 newsletter, I said that Saturn in Sagittarius will bring us tests of faith – boy, is it ever. And I think if there were ever a time for all the religious leaders of the world to unite together as one singular voice and denounce anything, it would be now and it would be to speak out strongly against the paradigm of “justified” killing of any stripe so there will eventually be no more “killing in the name of”.”

This trine between Mercury and Pluto remains very active through early next week, so whatcha gonna do with this energy, huh? Waste energy dishing about the latest pop-culture bullshit, or un-fuck your brain by descending to a more profound depth?

You know what to do.


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