Jupiter In Libra

What a busy couple of weeks it’s been! A Mercury retrograde, two eclipses (second one is on Friday!), the finale of the Saturn/Neptune Square, and Jupiter leaving Virgo for Libra! It’s this last event that I want to discuss today, mostly because it stands out as the bright spot in the middle of all of this tetchy astro. Jupiter transitioning from Virgo into Libra comes as a welcome gearshift for so many reasons, the first of which being this comes off the heels of it spending a whole year in a sign were it was debilitated. Jupiter’s energy doesn’t quite function at max capacity when in Virgo, and we generally have a harder time accessing its benefits…or perhaps I should say the benefits and opportunities it has to offer us frequently don’t seem big enough when it’s in the sign of minutiae.

Add to this the fact that we’ve had so much Mutable Madness going on since late last year and it really has been a challenge to keep perspective and feel optimistic, which are key in allowing us to capitalize on this planet’s blessings. I feel particularly bad for all the Virgos in the house – typically Jupiter passing through one’s sign is a boost, but all these mitigating factors may have left some Virgos feeling shafted; like The Cosmic Santa Claus somehow skipped over their house, or left a bag of coal in their stocking. Cheer up, Virgos – you’ve had (and will continue to have for quite some time) a long and fabulous collaboration with transformational Pluto at least, and within the next couple of years you’ll also start getting help from supportive Saturn & innovative Uranus!

Image courtesy of the Astrological Oracle cards by Castelli & Weatherstone.
Image courtesy of the Astrological Oracle by Castelli & Weatherstone.

But that is neither here nor there – right now we’re going to talk about Jupiter’s once-in-12-year visit to Libra, the sign of fairness, balance, cooperation, and relationship! During the year that Jupiter resides in Libra we are asked to contemplate whether we give as good as we get, as this energy is all about increasing the amount of reciprocity in our life. Have we been generous enough with Others? Have we perhaps been too giving? Better balance is a theme in general with this placement, but specifically with respect to generosity because this will help us to have happier relationships where the blessings spread BOTH ways!

Jupiter also tends to elevate our aesthetic sense in Libra and lends itself to an air of refinement. We come to appreciate the Finer Things in life more when this planet is here – everything from art, to music, to that which we find beautiful and pleasurable. There is a reason why I used the song “Puttin’ on the Ritz” to welcome Jupiter into this sign, as Libra IS the sign of High Society, after all – it is cultured, smooth, and super classy! Resonating with the Hi-Fi expression of this results in increased poise, better manners, and greater sophistication; the Lo-Fi end of this spectrum results when we allow this vibe to veer toward the direction of snooty and/or lookism.

Jupiter in Libra pertains to being more pleasant, polite, graceful, harmonious, and peaceable as well. Others are apt to bring out the best in us now – especially when we take this as an opportunity to grow together; where we mutually elevate one another & lift each other UP! There’s plenty of room at the top, so let’s invite others rise along side us, share in our bounty, and partake of the Good Things together. We must also be prepared to understand that not everyone can or will, though – as unfortunate as this is, we must accept the Truth that sometimes we grow apart instead of together while giving thanks for The Journey regardless. In this case, let’s wish them all the best while tempering this with the wisdom that we can’t want more or better for someone than they want for themselves, no matter how much we love them. Some are scared of heights, some just want their freedom, and others have a growth path that is simply on a different trajectory from the one we are on.

As to relationships specifically, Jupiter in Libra is lucky in love precisely because it appreciates that Love is a Journey rather than a destination. Loving someone is only the beginning – where you go from there is up to the both of you and it takes mutual cooperation, consent, and consciousness to continue walking the same Path together. Sometimes we can outgrow a relationship – we’d love to believe that “Love conquers all”, and perhaps it does…but not in the way that we may traditionally think. We must place our faith in each other and take a chance, leaving the rest up to Fate and spinning that Wheel Of Fortune while believing we’ll be better off for the experience regardless of the ups & downs. Do we believe in Love? Are we willing to take a gamble?

During the year that Jupiter resides in Libra (until Oct 2017) it becomes particularly important to also take a good look at our relationship philosophy and how this is/isn’t serving us. What do we believe about love & marriage? Are we merely adhering to some kind of dogma? Does our current relationship paradigm truly benefit us? An optimistic outlook can work wonders now – elevating “togetherness consciousness” is key, because “like” attracts “like”. If we want to attract a high-caliber relationship, we must up our game and BE a high-caliber partner! It’s not just about what someone else has to offer us – what do WE have to offer THEM? At its heart, Jupiter in Libra is about loving with an open hand – the old cliché “You make me want to be a better person” is sooooo true of Jupiter in Libra, as this planet loves opportunities to better itself via relationship! Trust that if your vibe us up & you have a lot to offer a prospective partner, the right partnership will come – have faith!

Jupiter in Libra has so much more in store – this is only the beginning!

To be continued…



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