Planetary “Good Graces”

It’s fairly easy to tell when/whether you are sitting in a planet’s good graces.  If one understands the  archetypal symbolism associated with each heavenly body,  it becomes fairly self-evident that you’ve been graced with their favor whenever assistance is rendered from one of their earthly “emissaries”.   What do I mean?  I’ll use an example from my own life: Saturn.  I know I am doing alright by The Ringed One when, say, an elderly [AKA Saturn-type] person offers me support or encouragement, my work is recognized by someone in my field whose work I respect & admire [Saturn],  or – most recently – a historical [Saturn] society helps me with something pro bono.  One time I even had a genealogical (Saturn does so often concern our ancestors and pedigrees) Fairy Godfather pop up in my inbox who – totally out of the goodness of his heart – provided me with records on my 2x great grandparents that were not previously accessible to me.  I had hit a wall in my research and this total stranger came from nowhere and dropped the keys to many formerly locked doors right in my lap in one fell swoop – needless to say the good fortune of suddenly having “Access Granted” made me pause and wonder what I had done to be the recipient of such good karma, when the word “Saturn” (AKA the Lord of Karma himself) came to mind. In the wake of a very difficult [Saturn] year replete serious legal and fiscal responsibilities [more Saturn] it seems The Ringed One had dropped a couple of parting gifts at my doorstep, which he is well known to do.  This is why they always say “Do right by Saturn, and Saturn will do right by you” – I cannot tell you how validating it feels to have your hard work and constant efforts to “do the right thing” rewarded.

Now for me, Saturn always seems to be Old Reliable in this way – we have a good rapport and always have.  Even as a little kid I was “old for my age” and frequently related better to my teachers [Saturn’s ambassadors] than those my own age, sadly.  When I was young my teachers often helped me behind the scenes – I’ll never forget the teacher I had in high school who saw my grades slipping and immediately and accurately identified that there were significant “problems at home”.  I wanted to cry, because it was the very first time my very difficult and hidden family struggles were not only seen, but validated with compassion.  Everybody’s planetary attunement differs, and at certain stages in our life or development our own resonance may shift from one celestial body to another.  But if you understand astrological symbolism it becomes fairly apparent as to which heavenly sphere is offering us a helping hand.

Before we go further into providing more concrete examples of what this might look like from each planet’s point of view, I must pause at this juncture to say that just because we *aren’t* getting help from a planet, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing anything “wrong”.  In my opinion, some souls pick a more difficult incarnation with greater handicaps for the sake of furthering depth of compassion and empathy for those who have it as bad or worse during that particular lifetime.  I see it as something we choose, or perhaps contract with Divinity for the sake of our soul’s greater spiritual development; it is not a “punishment” (though it may certainly feel like one at times, and particularly so if our paradigm doesn’t allow for this type of viewpoint).  Seeing tangible evidence of being in a planet’s “good graces” is never something to be haughty about; merely something to see as “icing on the cake” and received with gratitude.   Those who aren’t receiving this type of assistance might simply be doing the more challenging life playthru – there is no need to judge/look down on others with a sense of toxic spiritual superiority.

So from a functional standpoint, what forms might this type of assistance take? Here are a few quick-n-dirty examples of some earthly ambassadors from each planet so you can more easily identify astrological trends/patterns in your own life:

Sun: Favor with children, from famous people, creative types, performers, and leaders.

Moon: Favor with women, help from maternal types (pregnant women included), family support, and the broader public.

Mercury: Favor with neighbors, siblings, or cousins. Help from clerks, those in public service positions, or customer/administrative service professionals.  Assistance from blue-collar folks.

Venus: Favor with “The beautiful people” or those involved in the world of beauty; women in particular.  Help from musicians, artists, gardeners, matchmakers, couples/the partnered, or perhaps the wealthy/those involved in the banking industry.

Mars: Favor with men. Assistance from soldiers, athletes, the strong, or those with prominent “warrior” energy.

Jupiter: Favor with those from far away (foreign) places. Help from the lucky, the generous, or those who are “blessed” in life.  Aid from politicians, people in the field of academia (specifically, institutions of higher learning), or the judicial system; i.e. lawyers.  Help from clergy.

Saturn: Favor with teachers, elders, and other “authority figures”.  Help from “paternal” types, CEOs, bosses, or perhaps law enforcement.  Support from those who are highly respected and upright, or those who lived though “lean times”/periods of significant struggle/hardship.

Uranus: Favor with groups, clubs, associations, and organizations.  Assistance from “friends” & through our social networks (digital or otherwise).  Aid from those who are a bit strange or nerdy.  Favors from those who are on the cutting edge; who are radical, revolutionary, experimental, and “ahead of their time”.

Neptune: Favor with those involved in charitable works.  Aid from yoga teachers, empaths, spiritual people, mediums/clairvoyants/psychics, bartenders, musicians, or those involved in the Human Services sector.  Help from those who are compassionate and don’t judge.

Pluto: Favor with powerful people, actual witches, or those who know how to deal with “crisis” situations (such as psychologists, paramedics, emergency room surgeons, and critical care doctors/nurses).  Assistance from those intimately familiar with grief, loss, or trauma.  Help from those who deal with death; such as hospice workers, or funeral home/cemetery workers.  Aid from financiers, lending institutions, or those who make investments.



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