The Insularity Of Neptune Transits

BubbleBefore I begin, let’s be clear on the point that every astrological energy holds the potential for both Hi-Fi & Lo-Fi expression; much of how it manifests (constructively or detrimentally, respectively) has do with the choices we make and the consciousness level of the individual. This is why I like astrology so much – I find when we’re aware of the full spectrum of vibrational frequencies an astro-energy emits, it allows us to make better choices and sidestep more problematic manifestations while actively seeking ways to capitalize on the beneficial facets of a particular vibe. But today I want to talk about one particular feature of Lo-Fi Neptune, and that’s the capacity to seal ourselves off in some sort of bubble or cocoon in response to anything we deem “harsh”. There’s a kind of a super-sensitization that occurs when we’re in the thrall of a Neptune transit, and while we can become kinder and gentler as a result of this, we’re also less inclined to deal in reality – particularly if/when it’s unpleasant. And we have plenty of “unpleasant realities” out there at the moment courtesy of Saturn in Scorpio still in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn.

When we experience a Neptune transit,  we may abide by “see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil” and tend to suspend things like critical thinking, discernment, & our good judgment; preferring instead to operate on faith, idealism, and a belief in humanity’s better nature. We might be inclined to ask ourselves things like “Who am I to judge?” or make excuses for others’ bad behavior, but it’s precisely this tendency to suspend our normal filtering process that can lead us to shoot ourselves in the foot if we aren’t careful.  Besides the potential this creates for us to become obvious targets for a scam or to attract all manner of bottom feeders and hangers-on that might prey upon our sympathies, kindness, or understanding, it should also be understood that we become highly impressionable during this time and easily suggestible. Ergo, it becomes critically important to stay grounded and NOT to lose those filtering capacities when we’re dealing with Neptune – straining the waters around us to prevent the permeation of less desirable influences soaking into our physical, emotional, or psychological membranes is a must so that we don’t wind up metaphorically drinking any cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. It is Neptune’s capacity to suspend judgment and to impair cognitive thinking faculties that has earned it the association with cults & other forms of B.S. that come cloaked in a veil of pseudo-spirituality. Neptune does not question; it believes. And it can do this so blindly that instead of deliverance from evil, we wind up walking straight and unwittingly into its maw like lambs to slaughter.

When Neptune is done in Lo-Fi, it is the planet of deception – this may be at the hands of others, or it may represent the lies we tell ourselves to cocoon ourselves off from reality and the truth because Neptune’s drug of choice is an anesthetic that provides a powerful numbing influence. This is why most astrologers typically recommend those experiencing a Neptune transit refrain from alcohol and drug use for the duration of its visit, as these are manifestations of Lo-Fi Neptune that certainly aren’t going to help us get any clearer during what can already be a confusing/disorienting period by itself. Choosing a “substance” of one form or another to escape into during a Neptune transit only increases the likelihood that we’ll face the more unpleasant manifestations of this energy – the siren song we here from Neptune often starts out as “Come on – a drink (or pill, for that matter) will only help take the edge off!” and then it tends to go downhill from there. Even if the story doesn’t end in addiction, dollars to donuts says we’re likely at the very least to wind up putting ourselves in some very compromising positions due our impaired judgment because of Neptune’s heightened capacity for self-undoing. But the important thing to understand is we don’t HAVE to suffer – if we raise our level of awareness, we can make conscious choices to avoid the Lo-Fi manifestations of this (or any other) astrological energy.

Meditate. Do yoga, Qi Gong, or Tai Chi. Develop a healthy relationship with solitude and learn how to use it to tap into our Higher Self. Make “trust but verify” our new mantra. Look for any discrepancies that might point to a disconnect occurring between wishful/hopeful thinking and reality – if we can’t tell which end is up, periodically ask for a “reality check” from someone grounded who always “keeps it real” and who may also be older. Rely on the perspectives of others whom we’ve known for a long time and trust, but do not necessarily substitute their judgment for our own. Stay away from “gurus” or anything that has the capacity to be a cult-of-personality. If we catch ourselves thinking that someone is a “downer”, “harsh”, or “negative” while in this kinder, gentler Neptunian state, instead of disappearing or trying to insulate ourselves in a bubble complete with fingers stuck into our ears, we might pause and try to understand where this person may be coming from – it’s possible they’re seeing something we either can’t or don’t want to. In fact, surrounding ourselves with bobblehead dolls who tell us only what we want to hear is downright dangerous during a Neptune transit – that’s why it’s important to stay away from anything cult-like and to pay attention to all “red flags” in relationships. We should avoid glossing over bad behavior, making excuses for someone else, or enabling as well. We might also channel any “helping” urges we get during this time into some form of charitable work – this way we’re less compelled to “take in strays” in our personal life. And on another note, we must try to understand that boundaries are our friend and not the Anti-Christ – they exist for everyone’s protection & comfort.

Lastly, I will include this gem from my friend Laura – “Anyone who wants unconditional love should get a puppy or find Jesus…[because] people with self-esteem have conditions”. The point being is that no one is Buddha, and in this human existence (which is far from ideal at times) the implementation of standards for how we do or don’t want to be treated by others is what keeps us safe and healthy here in this mortal incarnation – it’s what keeps us from becoming a martyr. Not everyone is on a spiritual path where they strive to be Christ-like in their ability to embrace those who would do them harm – some would rather just avoid contact with those deemed detrimental to their wellbeing in one respect or another altogether, and that is their right for it is their own spiritual path to walk. Others are entitled to decide for themselves what kinds of influences they do/do not want to allow into their orbit/energy field/life, even if *we* don’t want to filter (and we’ve already discussed why we absolutely should be screening during a Neptune transit!).

Here is where things can get tricky, though, because Hi-Fi Neptune does indeed resonate with the ideal of “unconditional love”; however this premise is easily twisted and distorted into Lo-Fi Neptune when used as a smokescreen for evading our own personal responsibility for certain behaviors or for pointing the finger at others rather than seeking understanding within via self-reflection. If we’re blaming someone else for their inability to “love unconditionally” and all the while living in a bubble where we refuse to look at what in our own behavior may have led to a rejection, then the principle of “unconditional love” becomes little more than a guilt-trip ruse used to get someone else to accept sub-par behavior and compromise their standards, which (in this writer’s humble opinion) amounts to soul-suicide. Do not be fooled, because there is a lightyear of difference between Hi-Fi Neptune and this. Unconditional love is the kind that is for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and through hardship….but it does *not* entail enduring mistreatment, abuse, or neglect at the hands of someone we love – THAT is martyrdom! We can still love somebody with all our heart, but being willing to shut the door and walk away from behaviors that cause us hurt and suffering isn’t selfish – it’s saving our soul from drowning.



Who will save your soul if you won’t save your own?




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