October’s Mercury Retrograde


Mercury turns retrograde in supernatural Scorpio tomorrow, but don’t groan!! The outset of this retrograde period is actually FABULOUS for getting information through extrasensory means thanks to contact from Neptune in Pisces. There is a highly intuitive element in play now where we’re able to pick up on exquisitely subtle undercurrents of feeling, which can augment our communication abilities if we so allow. The start of this retrograde phase can be similar to having the aid of a giant cosmic blacklight to view things that might otherwise be invisible to us. Along this vein, another thing that makes the beginning of this retro pretty kickass is the fact that contact between these two planets does make it a good time to communicate with our Spirit Guide(s), Angels, or even loved ones who have crossed over to The Other Side. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is very thin now – it’s kind of like how we get better radio reception on a sunny day than on a cloudy one, and this astrology is the equivalent of the skies being crystal-clear and the signal coming in strong. Don’t write off any weird events during the next few days as “typical Mercury retrograde hijinks” – perhaps someone is actually trying to communicate with you, whether that’s your loved ones, Guides, Angels, or maybe even Divinity.

The best way to be a clear conduit for these messages and signs is to:

1) Relax. If we’re stressed or running around hectically, it’s like sending The Universe a “busy” signal.

2) Allow yourself some “alone” time.

3) Meditate or pray – these symbolic acts set up a direct and intentional line of communication with Spirit. It’s like picking up the telephone and placing an outgoing call – they see that you’re reaching out!

4) LISTEN. Not just during the time you’re in mediation or prayer, but afterward as well. The key is to put ourselves in a receptive state so that subtle signs & signals do not escape us and really stand out!

5) Pay attention to what happens in your dreams now. Dreamtime is where we are at our most relaxed, and as such, messages come through more readily when we sleep vs. during our waking hours. So if a deceased loved one happens to show up in your dreams, don’t be so sure it’s not a Visitation. Or perhaps instead we may have a dream that is highly symbolic in nature and that gives us guidance on a matter.

6) BONUS: If we are so inclined, listening to things like binaural tones (the link provided shows an example on YouTube) may help to open up altered states of consciousness for us so messages and information can flow through more readily. At the very least, they’re super relaxing to listen to and as you already know, relaxation is item #1 on our list!

Try it out and see what happens. And do feel free to share any experiences you may have in the comments below – I’d love to hear about them!



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