Pluto Has A Heart….

Pluto's Heart
Proof that Pluto does indeed have a heart! Image comes courtesy of the New Horizons Spacecraft @ NASA, which made a close approach to Pluto on 7/14/2015.

Well this news certainly comes as no surprise to any Venus/Pluto native, LOL!

The high-functioning Venus/Pluto heart beats powerfully – its love goes deeper than even the most yawning of subterranean chasms. For it has been consecrated many times over by offerings made upon on a funeral pyre; these dying rites serving to transform the love nature into a truly supernatural force.  The Venusian Phoenix has made multiple journeys within to illuminate and vanquish its relationship demons, these acts serving to consecrate a heart that may have previously resided in the shadow of ignorance, or that might have even committed a multitude of sins.  Venus/Pluto love swallows you whole with its intensity – it will drag you through the territory of obsession and compulsion, force you to get “down in it”, suck you into the undertow of dysfunction…until you arrive at the threshold where decide you’ve had enough loss and strip it all away to look at the darkness found reflected back to you in the mirror of Another.  It is there that you will unearth a treasure trove of insight about the very nature of love itself that will lead you out The Other Side; what it is, what it isn’t, and also how it can be damaged, renewed, or uncovered.

(Hint: it is always found within!)

I have also found, through my own journeys with Venus/Pluto, there is something to the concept of a graceful exit; being able to let go kindly when the time has come. To be fair and loving when you know in your soul that a relationship has hit a point of no return so you both might let go and find love again.  Many times when a relationship meets an end, instead of blessing and releasing it can be all too easy to blight.  We cannot truly let go if we still hold onto things like anger, bitterness, resentment, or other sundry negative emotion, and I believe the prominent heart-shaped stamp on Pluto’s face can serve as a reminder that even in death it is all about love.


5 thoughts on “Pluto Has A Heart….

  1. Oh Pegusus, you just went full Venusian! What a simply gorgeous sentiment this is, and so elegantly worded. Is it me or is Pluto’s heart on fire?

  2. Why thank you, PU – high praise coming from a wordsmith like yourself!

    Dear gawd, how nauseating – it’s the beginnings of a Venusian Mutual Admiration Society, LOL! 😛 I jest, of course – the world always needs more kindness. There is far too much ugliness out there, so it’s good to provide counterweight whenever we can with a lovely word or deed. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone, but I am ridiculously Libran sometimes – it might damage my street cred. 😉

    And yes, it IS on fire – I thought the very same when I first saw the photo, especially those parts on the upper right and lower left…almost like it’s pressing up against Pluto’s atmosphere from the inside and burning up trying to reach escape velocity, or exploding with fire and brimstone like some variation of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

    Boy, that’s one hell of a Rorschach test, isn’t it?!


  3. The world could use more Libra – more light touch, more grace. Let the haters cry “ditzy, absent-minded, shallow…”. Librans invented the wink.

    Another cool Pluto fun fact – the scientists were expecting a homogeneously-crater-marked world. It’s surface, instead, appears dynamic – in spite of the coldness of space and distance from the Sun, it seems to have its own internal energy supply to heat itself, as it gathers satellites from the depths of space.

  4. ^^^ sorry, that was me, I still have an old handle in my wordpress somewhere.

  5. YES – I saw that as well! I chuckled to myself, of course it does! Not so long ago in another post I actually referred to Pluto as an “internal combustion powerplant”, so yes, totally natch that it would make its own heat from within. Some day science will catch up with the things that astrologers already know, LOL…


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