Venus/Pluto Word Of The Day

Let’s have a little fun as a retrograding Venus in Leo contacts Pluto, shall we? For your entertainment, the definition of a Plutonic term from my own personal lexicon –

Necromance (n.):

1) A Lo-Fi expression of Venus/Pluto energy that results in a love affair with (metaphorical) Dead Things, including but not limited to:

A) romantic liaisons that have long past their expiration dates but that are permitted to linger on in some half-dead state due to an unwillingness to let go, stick a fork in it, and call it “done”.


B) relationships that have long ago ended but that have, for some ungodly reason, been resurrected when they should have just been allowed to Rest In Peace.

Indulging a necromance can lead to necrophilia; a.k.a. the (possibly renewed) consummation of a sexual relationship with an Undead Party when one would be much better off simply leaving them undisturbed wherever it was they were buried. Necromances should be avoided at all costs, as they are inclined to be parasitic (mutually or otherwise) and have a rather vampiric tendency to suck the life (time/energy/money) right out of an individual, thus being hazardous to health/sanity/bank accounts.

Example: “Ugh, can you believe that necromance Dina has going with Will? He’s cheated on her like five times and yet she keeps taking him back even though it’s obvious the love between them is totally gone.”

“Hey, did you hear about Jen’s necromance with her crazy ex? Yup, apparently it’s on again even though their breakup two years ago was really messy.”

2) An infatuation with “Goth” aesthetic/individuals.

Example: “OMG, I’m having a total necromance with the thought of painting my room black – a couple of spider throw pillows, a skull duvet cover, and a few Nine Inch Nails/The Cure posters and it will look *so* badass!”

“I sort of have a necromance with Trent right now – he doesn’t say much and when he does he tends to be either angsty or sarcastic, but I kind of like that about him. Plus, he does look pretty hot in that floor length black duster”

Necromance (v.): To metaphorically raise (or attempt to raise) a relationship from the dead.

Example: “Dear god, Jesse just told me he’s got this voodoo ritual planned to necromace his relationship with Kelly from three years ago – he never got over how she left him for another guy and still wants her back, apparently.”

😛 😀

Now I may be half joking for the benefit of my readers’ amusement, but what I said about this being a Lo-Fi expression of Venus/Pluto energy is absolutely true so take note. For a more balanced picture of the many facets of Venus/Pluto, however, have a look through other posts with this tag!



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