Shaking It OFF!

Regardless of what may have happened during our day, our month, or even our year, I invite everyone reading to join me in starting off 2016 right by collectively shaking off any skanky vibes that may have been absorbed during the course of everyday living. It doesn’t matter what happened last week, yesterday, or this morning…it’s all history, baby! What is important at this very moment is setting and aligning with your intention for the future. What do you want the New Year to be? It doesn’t have to be defined by any static or negativity you may have encountered in the past – you can make it what you want it to be based on the vibe you choose to bring to the table.

So let’s greet the New Year with joy and with optimism. Light a candle, make a wish. Meditate, say some prayers. Burn some incense…smudge yourself and/or your space. Do whatever you need to do at this moment – no matter how small or how great the symbolic gesture – to feel prepared greet 2016 with fresh energy. Let it all go. It’s currently a Virgo Moon over Jupiter and the North Node, so think about ritual ways you might scrub your auric field of any dingy residue to help usher in that better tomorrow. Even literally, perhaps – I myself scheduled a physical and meta-physical housecleaning today, baseboards to ceiling. Not only did I dust, vacuum, mop, organize, etc. but immediately afterward I busted out my cedar smudge stick, lit my jai shri Hanuman incense, and sealed the deal with an energetic cleansing as well. I even laundered my bed linens in lavender-infused water, fanned the thin smoky plume of an artemesia smudge stick over my pillows, and placed a dream pillow handmade by a Mohegan Medicine Man on top of my usual one for peaceful sleep and enhanced dreaming. Tonight before I go to sleep, I plan on anointing my 3rd eye with some Bear Medicine dream oil a shaman friend made for me – it’s going to be AWESOME! 🙂 You don’t have to go to these kinds of lengths, of course – a simple shift in mindset or attitude alone will do wonders. So please join me in shaking it all off and welcoming in the New Year – blessings of peace, prosperity, health, and happiness to you & yours in 2016!



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