Knowing Your Own (Astrological) Kind

Every now and again, I like to play a little game that’s kind of like the astrological version of “Name That Tune” – with as minimal a series of clues as possible, I try to figure out somebody’s Sun sign or another dominant astrological signature in their chart.

Case in point: I recently attended a viewing of the new Star Wars movie, and while I though the rest of the main cast did a perfectly satisfactory job in their roles, the standout performer for me was Adam Driver as the evil Kylo Ren. Which is not all that surprising, as I am fairly Plutonic so like a good villain now and again and do tend to have a pretty good radar for spotting the energy of the Dark Side in others.

It wasn’t until I was waiting in line with another fellow moviegoer to exit the theater and chatting casually with her that I caught the actor’s name since I wasn’t familiar with his body of work, and it was also at this juncture she informed me offhand that he was a former Marine.

Hmmm…played an über villain AND was a Marine IRL, you say? I sense some Plutonic energy there…sounds like Scorpio to me, I thought. I pulled out my phone in order to either confirmKyloRen or refute my initial suspicion when a cursory search of the intewebz revealed that Mr. Driver is indeed Plutonic; a Scorpio Sun ruled by an extra-powerful Pluto in Scorpio and with Pluto loosely conjunct career-making Saturn!

Yup, I can smell the Dark Side from about a mile away, apparently…I can Name That Sign in just two clues, LOL!

Laughingly, I thought to myself with THAT astrological signature, the dear boy will certainly have to watch out for the possibility of being typecast, as the “Plutonian as Villain” shtick would indeed tend to be a natural fit for him – looks like we have a professional villain on our hands, folks! But perhaps in his next big role, he’ll decide to take on more of an anti-hero role…who knows?

All that aside, I’m thinking the trait of being able to suss out others’ (astrological) energies like this could well be the work of a sharpened Venus/Pluto influence. Plutonic peeps are by nature investigative and energy-responsive anyway, but when I contemplate the quality of Venus added to this I can’t help but think that – on an inner level – we may be particularly able to sense energetic “sameness” in others….what say you?

**Walks away humming “You’re one of my kind…”**


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