Mars Rx, Literally

MarsRxWith Mars turning retrograde (Rx) in comparatively short order, I thought now would be an ideal time to talk about some of the potential effects this phenomenon may have upon health. Why?  Do you know the astrological shorthand for a planet retrograding is the same as the medical symbol for “prescription”?   This has always gotten my gears turning!

Let me begin by saying that Aries and Scorpio should take note of this event in particular – as this is YOUR ruling planet that is backtracking, it’s likely to have especially physical manifestations you may need to be aware of.  Mars is our metaphorical “get up and go” – it represents drive, desire, motivation, physical energy, our muscles, blood, testosterone, and libido just for starters. Being that Mars is also the symbol for masculinity, it’s worth noting that men in general tend to be more affected by Mars retro from a health standpoint – sorry guys, this is just how the cookie crumbles! We ladies have our own challenges during Venus retrogrades, which happens about every 18 months vs. the 22 month reprieve you fellas get until the next Mars retro swings around again!

We do need to be aware that Mars retrogrades may tend to bring out more “men’s health”–related issues on the whole….or perhaps more accurately, things that we tend to *think* of as being more related to men’s health. Along this vein, the first thing that comes to mind – especially with a big chunk of this retro phase taking place in sex-sign Scorpio from late May until early August – are sexual or libidinal issues. We may have difficulty from a sexual standpoint getting in touch with what truly “turns us on” during the Rx, or experience some kind of quote-unquote sexual dysfunction which can mean anything from arousal issues, to blood flow problems, to testosterone deficiency…if we are attempting to procreate (which, by the way, can be made more challenging during Mars Rx) it’s extra important that we also take a look at things like sperm count and/or motility now.

Now none of this is cause to freak out, nor is it a guarantee that you will personally experience any of these sorts of challenges. But for those that happen to, it may be helpful to have some astrological insight into what might be going on, because when Mars backtracks we do have to be wary of taking things purely at face value. Therefore, in this kind of scenario it’s important to look for any potential underlying root cause(s) rather than just look purely at the physical symptom(s). For example, instead of writing something off as “just a blood flow problem” and treating with little blue pills, maybe it’s worth pursuing this in true Scorpion fashion via getting a few needle sticks for the sake of *really* getting to the bottom of things. The blood may indeed prove an invaluable investigational resource in more ways than one during this period, and this doesn’t have to be limited to the confines of of a purely sexual or reproductive context, either.

When I see Mars retrograding in Scorpio, something else this cues to mind for me is there may possibly be some kind of toxicity going on within the bloodstream below the surface – for instance, perhaps something like heavy metal poisoning could be underpinning a physical issue. I’m neither a doctor nor a medical professional, so none of written here is meant to be construed as medical advice, but if you’re looking for places to start an investigation, absolutely do your own research and consider talking to your doctor or other healthcare practitioner.

In other areas, I also tend to associate Mars with iron and ferritin levels, and this planet backtracking does to me trigger a potential “anemic” feeling. If your physical energy levels are low and you have other possible markers of anemia, this may be another area worth investigating; especially for women experiencing heavy menses. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the regular and frequent consumption of high-quality bone broth is thought of as a mainstay in addressing such issues, so definitely don’t be afraid to also attack physical ailments from the kinds of philosophical and energetic points of view provided by things such as TCM or Ayurveda, for example, as this aligns rather nicely with Mars retrograding in cultural Sagittarius and energetically-oriented Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio especially has a very “what’s old is new again” feel to me, so there may be a resurgent interest in looking at physical ailments from the energetic or symbolic perspectives of more ancient “primitive” healing methods.

Speaking of energy levels, Mars holds an association with the adrenal glands as well, so perhaps if anemia isn’t part of the picture it may be worth investigating the possibility of adrenal dysfunction.   With the outset of the retro happening in Sagittarius, my feeling is there is a possibility of initial OVERactivity that can subsequently crash and lead to UNDERactivity, so uncovering what our cortisol levels may have to say could prove revealing.

Mars also holds an association with the surgeon’s knife, and because of this Mars Retrograde is not generally considered a favorable time for scheduling ELECTIVE surgeries.  Note that I stress the word “elective” there – common sense dictates that if it’s an emergency situation and we don’t have any kind of say in the matter, this becomes a moot point so please don’t worry about it!  But if it isn’t critical that one be operated upon immediately and there is the ability to plan a procedure, generally avoiding the period from circa April 17th – June 29th may be a good idea.

Lastly, I will point out that Mars is indeed Ye Olde (lesser) Malefic from an astrological point of view – what this means in a nutshell is this planet’s penchant for rash, impulsive action tends to get us into trouble. When I think of this planet’s lustful nature in particular, this quite simply says to me “wrap it up” – especially when it spends months amped by a stay in sexy Scorpio! This is a general “no”, then, to any hot-but-risky liaisons and definitely a cue to slow it down if we should find ourselves in a rush to initiate a new level of intimacy…physical OR otherwise. Slow it down, because particularly once Mars re-enters Scorpio in late May there can be a certain compulsiveness underpinning things where we act without necessarily knowing why. In such cases, it’s critical to look at subconscious psychological motivations…especially if they incline toward self-destructive at all.



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