The Mercury/Venus Mutual Reception: (Floral) Scents On The Breeze

One thing that has really stood out to me regarding the current mutual reception between Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini has been all the changeable, sweet scents permeating the air during the last few weeks – I cannot remember the last time the air was *this* fragrant! First it was the perfume of lilacs. Then it was the fragrance of wild honeysuckle, which was absolutely DIVINE! This was promptly followed the other week by the aroma generated by the profusion of multi-hued roadside phlox that were suddenly in bloom. Now the dominant note seems to have shifted to the abundant clusters of feral roses that populate the landscape in these parts. My daily runs around the neighborhood (which serve as a sort of moving meditation for me) have certainly been made a lot more pleasant due this influence, that’s for sure! This mutual reception finally draws to a close on Sunday, though, and I’ll definitely miss it when it goes.  ❤

So, have you noticed any sweet, floral scents on the breeze lately?



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