Repost – Jupiter Trine Pluto: Auspicious Omens

NB: The following is an updated repost intended to serve as a consciousness-raising reminder for June – it’s not what you look at that matters so much as what you SEE, so it’s time to get your metaphysical POV on!

There’s something in the air this month…or perhaps more precisely, the Earth. Earth Element, that is – Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn form another trine in June, and some auspicious omens may appear to us during this time.

LaughingBuddhaAt first they may seem small…trivial, even. Small enough to miss if we were to take each one out of context and look at it on its own. But they will also be bountiful – we’re going to get so many of them that if we back up and take it all in, it will coalesce into something huge we can’t miss. Jupiter in Virgo is like pointillism – if we stand too close, we only see the tiny dots and so don’t think much of it. But if we get some distance (read:perspective), we can see how all the minor details actually come together to make this grand picture. So what is “insignificant” under this energy, really? Nothing, because when we put all the little pieces together and connect the dots, The Sign becomes concrete. It’s regarding a major renovation/upgrade somewhere in our life…perhaps something health/wealth/work-related since we do have the Earth signs involved. Especially if you have a planet or point in your chart situated between 14-18 degrees of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, do pay particular attention now.  This aspect becomes exact on June 26th, when The Omens are apt to be strongest, but both these celestial bodies are within proximity to one another throughout June so definitely be on the lookout!



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