The Libra Lunar Eclipse

Today’s lunar eclipse in Libra definitely has our feelings about relationships taking center stage! Libra is the sign of partnership after all, and when I take into account Venus – the ruler of this eclipse – being rather prone to mooning over lost unions during its current tour of Pisces, I’ve been getting a wicked “White Flag” vibe off this lunation.

“But I will go down with this ship;
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I’m in love
And always will be.

And when we meet
Which I’m sure we will
All that was there
Will be there still
I’ll let it pass
And hold my tongue
And you will think
That I’ve moved on….”

As of this post’s publication, Venus has been conjunct Neptune for several days now, which has definitely heightened the inclination to pine for Love; possibly to even become a martyr to it.  These two planets are parting – perhaps with a bit of sweet sorrow – as we speak, but the vibe of this eclipse will be a slow one to dissipate while Venus moves toward the South Node and then Chiron over the next week or so.  What we don’t want to do, then, is take a cue from Dido and go down with the ship!

I think whenever we have truly loved someone, it can be hard to release the ideal of “Happily Ever After”. But Love is not a fairy tale, and so the dream can fade as partners go their separate ways. I believe it is important – when this happens – to honor the love that was there, yet to also recognize when a connection no longer has relevance in our lives.  It is sad, yes, but to sentimentally insist we will always be *in love* with someone discounts the possibility they served a spiritual purpose in our lives for the time they were in it and the connection was meant to be ephemeral.  If we cling to the past like this instead of blessing and releasing, how will we ever move forward and come to fall in love with Another in the future?

I propose that if we find ourselves reflecting upon a past partner at this time and wanting to reach out to them, we also need to be careful of our motivation for doing so.  It’s one thing if we feel as if we need to apologize for causing someone pain, but we should be aware this often isn’t experienced as helpful or healing to the other party involved and that what we may really looking for is absolution for ourselves.

Reflecting upon my own past loves, I can say that when I’ve been able to look at my past Self via the mirror of relationship and felt I’ve had something to apologize for,  I’ve never been shy about doing so.  But I’ve also never sought out an ex expressly for this purpose, either – fate simply intervened and brought us back into contact again, though only for the sake of expressing our mutual regrets and then releasing the attachment for good….a true case of “touch and go”.  I do think I will probably always love anyone that I’ve ever genuinely been in love with to a degree, but it is a very different feeling to me than actually still being *in love* with them.  I harbor the kind of vague, dormant affection one might for an old friend that hasn’t been seen in many years.  You acknowledge the history and love what they represented to you at one point in your life, but you also don’t linger in the past.  And with this Libra Eclipse infused with energy from the Aries Sun & Mercury plus its contact to Mars, it is all about living in The Now and being ready to embrace The New.  So if you catch yourself humming “White Flag” whilst pondering an ex, surrender the attachment as best you can.  Give it up to God/Goddess/The Universe.  And trust that if there were loose ends meant to be tied up, that you won’t have to go seeking him or her – Divinity will intervene to ensure that your paths cross again one day…


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