Saturn In Sagittarius: Built On Faith

Something that strikes me regarding Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is the concept of being built on faith – especially when we take into account this planet’s series of squares to a highly-spiritualized Neptune in Pisces. There is something tangible and yet intangible about this energetic pairing that does give the ability to manifest via belief…provided of course we apply the appropriate amounts of planning and elbow grease required to make it so. It can be tricky, though – Neptune’s involvement suggests there is also the possibility of doubt, confusion or a lack of clarity/focus, or even unrealistic visions that may cloud this process.

7 of Cups (upright and inverted) as depicted in the Robin Wood Tarot. This is the traditional "castles in the air" card (note the head in the clouds), with its inverted form being more akin to "wake up & smell the coffee".
7 of Cups (upright and inverted) as depicted in the Robin Wood Tarot. This is the traditional “castles in the air” card (note the head in the clouds), with its inverted form being more akin to “wake up & smell the coffee”.

Could it be that we are hoping to build upon something nebulous and ephemeral; a proverbial “castle in the air”? Or might we instead be “Ye of little faith”, discouraged and discounting possibilities because we’ve hit an obstacle somewhere? Back in my December 2014 newsletter, I mentioned one thing Saturn in Sagittarius was sure to do was bring tests of faith one way or the other for the sake of strengthening us. Fortify or weaken, it is our choice…it is time to look at what beliefs we are building on and how they are/aren’t they serving us.

The key under this energy is to set positive but realistic goals – unrealistic, misapplied LOA-type dogma that encourages fantasizing about having that dream job/pile of cash/whathaveyou without actually doing any of the real-world legwork required to procure such lofty ambitions is not the way to go, because a dream without a plan is just a wish. Or, if you prefer: God helps those who help themselves. I feel this theme has particular resonance over the next year with Saturn running over The Great Attractor several times during the next two hits of the Saturn/Neptune square. So let’s not misapply/distort the LOA to mean that we shouldn’t be doing any work to make those dreams a reality, aye?

On the subject of Saturn’s laws and the misapplication of The Law Of Attraction, I should also mention that any ideological framework can be misapplied in a harmful manner even if it *seems* positive – especially while Saturn in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces square one another.  I have seen this in action firsthand and know all too well  exactly what can happen when one reads a few too many self-help books and loses proper context. For example, when we are faced with significant stressors somewhere in our lives, I don’t believe we should just try to wish them away or pretend they don’t exist.  My concern with the LOA is that I’ve seen a (rigid) belief in its teachings do serious psychological harm when one bottles up feelings and thoughts they perceive to be “negative” out of concern that “like attracts like” and that talking about their fears, concerns, etc. will somehow only invite more negativity into their life.

When we stuff our very real, very natural feelings down inside like this, judge them as “bad”, and attach a degree of shame or stigma about expressing them, it is totally possible to wind up in a “when the levee breaks” scenario.  The result I saw involved someone being hospitalized for what ultimately turned out to be a panic attack, though at the time the party it was happening to didn’t register it as such.  The tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing seemed like a legit physical medical emergency given the lack of prior history regarding anxiety attacks, and it was initially suspected these symptoms might have been markers of a heart attack.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case, but unfortunately this event did indeed present residual psychological challenges for the person involved, as they were subsequently unable to drive for a number of years afterward.  Now tell me that’s healthy…! With Saturn in Sagittarius presently disposed of by Jupiter in Virgo, we do well to apply scrutiny to our belief systems to check to see if there might possibly be anything unhealthy going on. Yes, especially if the LOA is involved since Saturn is hovering around The Great Attractor.


Life Under The Saturn/Neptune Square…

Speaking of “temporal vortex”

Life is looking an awful lot like this lately, is it not? I think we can pretty accurately sum up the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces as being one big surreal “Chrono Trigger” moment; complete with alternate timelines and weird portals being stumbled upon in unlikely places.  Time is anything but linear under this astrological influence; it loops, bends, and distorts.  At any point, we  – somewhat like Ebenezer Scrooge – may be visited by Ghosts of Times Past, Present, and/or Future…and not necessarily in that order.

We’ve just gotten our first taste of this square, but have about a year more of it to go…short term, this energy begins to ebb soon yet it will become continually pervasive once again from May through October 2016.


More Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces

Ugh, talk about “speak of the devil…!” I’m sorry I even brought up the subject of warped ideological frameworks in my last post and then for the sake of contextual balance actually cited the example of  those who claim to be pro-life and yet who bomb abortions clinics/murder those who work there, as under the first exact hit of the Saturn/Neptune square last week a man in Colorado Springs, Colorado apparently went to a Planned Parenthood clinic and shot up the place, killing 3 and injuring 9. Police also found propane tanks scattered around the shooter’s car in the parking lot and deduced that he had apparently been trying to shoot the tanks in hopes of causing an explosion. Source: CNN.

The marker of this whole situation indeed being a manifestation of the Lo-Fi potential of Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces was this little tidbit I read regarding what a journalist from the NY Times found when visiting the shooter’s home in Hartsel, Colorado. The journalist described the residence as a “white trailer with a forest-green four-wheeler by the front door and a modest black cross painted on one end”. Source: NPR.  I will re-iterate what I said in my last post by stressing the problem lies with a mis-application of “spirituality”; a rigid and yet twisted interpretation of the supposed “word of god”. There is a definite distortion of morality and ethics occurring when the Ten Commandments dictate “Thou shalt not kill” and yet, as in this case, there are still those who selectively apply this precept. The existence of this kind of hypocrisy and double standards is not a phenomenon exclusive to any particular faith – putting it bluntly, there are people who do wacky shit under the banner of “religion” across the board (whether this is the Islamic Crescent, the Christian Cross, or anything else) so there is no sense in pointing to any particular faith as “the bad guy”.

This is why I made a point of saying the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces presents an ideal time to take a hard and honest look at our spirituality and how we are applying it in an earlier post. No bullshit double standards or hypocrisy – now obviously this event is an extreme manifestation that illustrates the profound disconnect that can occur if/when we keep deluding and deceiving ourselves about whether or not we are legitimately walking our talk and truly practicing whatever it is we’re purporting to believe, but pseudo-spirituality can come in many different forms and there are a variety of ways to misuse “faith” as an excuse for escaping moral/spiritual accountability. Ergo, under this square it is always good to stop and take a time-out once in a while to do a spiritual reality check.  Besides, if we don’t do it for ourselves, there is a very good chance that under this square someone else may come along and do this for us….


Saturn In Sagittarius & Xenophobia

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is a tricky bit of business – in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, it seems some politicians are trying to put a stop (Saturn) to the immigration (Sagittarius) of Syrian refugees. That an entire population be judged based on the actions of a few extremists seems so many degrees of prejudicially wrong to me and utterly lacking (more Saturn) in compassion (Neptune).  For the love of whatever Deity you prefer, people have just been displaced from their homes in a war-torn country…where is the humanity if we were all to simply turn our backs on them? What if the shoe were on the other foot and it was OUR country undergoing a civil war and WE needed safe haven in a foreign land?

This whole deal just smacks of xenophobia to me – excerpted from my December 2014 newsletter:

“…another Hi-Fi expression of [Saturn’s] passage through Sagittarius could involve better control and management of exaggerated fears; specifically of the things that fall under Sagittarius’ umbrella. This includes (but is not limited to) fear of flying; fear of horses; fears about religion (say of Hell, for example); fear of going away to college or back to college; agoraphobia, or conversely, claustrophobia; and fear of other cultures (xenophobia) or religions.”

The current square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces sure is bringing this theme to a head; it seems we are currently resonating with the Lo-Fi end of Saturn in Sagittarius’ energy by letting these exaggerated fears get the better of us – they are being used as an excuse; a cop-out. I’d like to think at some point, though, some sense (or compassion?) will eventually be knocked into us where we’ll get a grip to turn this around and start doing the Hi-Fi end of this placement. Learning to manage these irrationally distorted fears rather than letting them control us is key –  our spiritual wellbeing depends on it.

From the same newsletter:

“…sometimes, without realizing it, our life experiences may form the framework of a (negative) bias or prejudice of some kind, and Saturn in Sadge can challenge these kinds of beliefs for the sake of putting a stop to them.

…the Hi-Fi side of this transit is well served by getting a handle on discrimination in all its forms; all the “-isms” of life like racism, sexism, classism, ageism, or whathaveyou. If we’re called on the carpet and held accountable for a bias of some kind during Saturn in Sadge, this is definitely the time to get it in check.”

Well I suppose we could consider this post a callout then, because I’m officially throwing down the “bullshit!” flag on this kind of discrimination.  But….

“How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others…and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told: If you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it; I know you were afraid…who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease….there were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you…” -V for Vendetta

I do understand the “why” that is driving people to want to close the borders, so don’t get me wrong because in pointing out this apparent shortfall in the compassion and tolerance departments, my intention isn’t at all to downplay the severity of the global events that have hit us right where we are most vulnerable: our sense of safety and certainty. I recognize that right now we are still hanging out in the residue of the tumultuous upheaval that was Uranus Square Pluto.  In fact, though this aspect will not perfect again, Uranus & Pluto are indeed closing the gap toward one another as we speak – during the entire month of January 2016, they will be a mere degree away from re-forming an exact square even though it never fully completes. This is still more than enough to radiate energetic shockwaves, however; recent world events serving as astrological proof of this fact. The square between these two planets remains within +-4 degrees of being exact between now & the end of April, so for all intents and purposes this energy should be considered re-activated for the entire duration of this time period.

Getting back to Saturn in Sagittarius and this xenophobia business, I try my best to understand other points of view even when I don’t agree with them – sometimes this is challenging, but if nothing else I try to strive for balance in my perspective. For example, although you may see me decrying the flimsy notion this kind of prejudice will somehow keep us safe (and truth be told, I think in many cases this is actually a thinly-veiled way for people to validate/defend/substantiate/justify their bias), I will also tell you – on the other side of the coin – about what happened when I saw this news clip:



I found it a charming, heartbreakingly sweet and naïve notion that “flowers will protect us” – this is the other end of the Saturn/Neptune Square; the Neptune in Pisces utopian idealism. As beautiful and romantic an ideal as it is, though, it’s not very realistic. I understand that I am probably going to catch hell for saying that, but the astrology absolutely backs it up and I am prepared to stand behind my astrological perspective. See, Saturn squaring Neptune is *the* reality check that bursts the safe, protective little bubble of our ideology and forces us to look at the problems with our philosophy/beliefs/worldviews/etc. rather than deny them. So while this certainly applies to the politicians who think that closing the border to Syrian refugees will make us “safer” (and as the father in this video points out to his son, there are bad people *everywhere*), it equally applies to those who believe that mere “flowers will protect us”. As the child initially protests, “But flowers do nothing” – out of the mouths of babes. We need real-world solutions that deal with our CURRENT reality; not just those that would deal with a reality “as we’d wish it to be”. And the reality is: How do we protect ourselves from terrorism? Do we pull a Chancellor Sutler move à la V for Vendetta by being complicit in invasive mass surveillance? Do we let xenophobia get the better of us and close our borders?  Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces unfortunately makes a great Propagandist, good at using illusions for political/ideological goals.  This is on ALL sides, from the politicians to the terrorists to the everyman – anyone looking to present a perspective of reality that is, shall we say, cockeyed.

Just think – it’s not even time for the 2016 Election yet.  And this square will remain in effect for the next year – can you see the potentially problematic implications this may have for people looking to select their political leadership under such astrological conditions? Three words: Land Of Confusion



I digress, however,  from my original point – how do we protect ourselves from terrorism? I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I think we might come a step closer by trying to understand the variety of sociological factors at work that breed these hidden enemies.  To this end, I want to make an important distinction in that I see ISIS as very much being a cult; Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizes ideological frameworks and Neptune in Pisces represents a distortion occurring  – Neptune in Pisces is where we drink the proverbial Kool-Aid.  It is my opinion that we are collectively being challenged to understand the basic structure that goes into making one vulnerable to this kind of ideological framework if we are to to put a stop to it. This is hard to do, though; mainly because it is so foreign to us.  But I see the problem as originating from a mis-application of “spirituality”; a rigid and yet twisted interpretation of the supposed “word of god”. And we shouldn’t confuse that to mean we should look at any particular belief system as “the bad guy” here (there is a shit-ton of Islamophobia going around these days, is there not?) – false constructs can exist anywhere in any faith, organized or no.  For an equal opportunity example, look at what happened with Christianity during The Crusades, or with those who claimed to be pro-life and yet bombed abortion clinics or murdered those who worked there. There is a definite twisting of morality and ethics occurring when the Ten Commandments dictate “Thou shalt not kill” and yet there are still those who selectively apply this precept.  The existence of hypocrisy and double standards are not a phenomena exclusive to any particular faith.

This problem not unique to institutionalized religion, either – I have also seen these same problems occurring within the “spiritual” crowd; i.e. those whose concept of faith is more free-flowing and who don’t necessarily go to church/synagogue/mosque/whathaveyou or subscribe to any particular dogma. There is true Spirituality and then there is pseudo-spirituality – I learned to spot the difference between the two at an early age and see this issue as something that is truly non-denominational. So when I hear people spouting on about how the problem is supposedly “that” country, or “this” particular region of the world, or with “those people’s” religion, I shake my head.   Because if anything, the problem lies with those who misuse “faith” as an excuse for escaping moral/spiritual accountability and their ability to hypnotize others into swallowing this homebrew soul cyanide.

It really is no different than brainwashing, and what we need to understand are the variety of factors that go into making someone vulnerable to wanting to merge with these kinds of cults so we can stop it there. In fact, my initial thoughts about “religion” being (mis)used as an excuse for a lack of spiritual accountability seemed further validated by a quick examination of some of the Fixed Stars involved with the Paris attacks – my attention was immediately drawn to Saturn near Acrab in the Scorpion’s head.  According to Vivian Robson’s take on this pairing Saturn conjunct Acrab is  “cautious, cunning, self-seeking, deceitful, progressive ideas, religious but hypocritical…”. As an interesting aside of further note, he also said that more generally Acrab itself causes “…extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness…”, while Elsbeth Ebertin – another authority on Fixed Stars – associated this star with “mass casualties”.  Meanwhile, I noted the Moon’s North Node dangerously close to Alkaid; AKA “The Destroyer Of Nations”.   😯

But my point in explaining all of this is that I hope we will collectively challenge ourselves and work toward getting away from pointing fingers at those from different cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. and using these events as, quite frankly, a bullshit excuse to support or defend bias. It is concerning to me, for example, that someone like Donald Trump actually has a shot at the presidential seat – what does his negative rhetoric (and the people supporting it) say about the United States? And I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic toward those who are scared, as I do understand we can’t forgo all sensible cautions either by expecting “the flowers [to] protect us” – indeed, it would be tragic if we were to indiscriminately dole out charity, aid, compassion to someone harboring a hidden, twisted ideological framework that could later be used to betray our kindness like the biblical Judas.  Tragic because it is preventable provided we don’t rely on blind faith alone to support us. However, once again as the father in the first video above states “there are bad people everywhere”…even at home. Already – look at Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who had lived in the US for 11 years prior to the incident and who had even been put on a watchlist – looks like someone in the government was derelict in their duties there. So what do we do, then – deport everyone? We are a NATION of immigrants, for crying out loud – how would one even begin to determine who is “safe” and who is “a potential threat”? There has to be a balance; a way to help those who most need it without letting our guard totally down…..a way to manage and control irrational, exaggerated fears and a way to have checks and balances in place for the benefit of all so that our good faith and tender hearts also don’t inadvertently wind up causing our own undoing.

Almost a year ago in that same December 2014 newsletter, I said that Saturn in Sagittarius will bring us tests of faith – boy, is it ever.  And I think if there were ever a time for all the religious leaders of the world to unite together as one singular voice and denounce anything, it would be now and it would be to speak out strongly against the paradigm of “justified” killing of any stripe so there will eventually be no more “killing in the name of”.


The Saturn/Neptune Square, In Action

I have already touched upon the “delusion-busting” potential of the approaching square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces in a previous post, but now it’s the “illusion-busting” part I want to focus on today as this certainly is a key and pervasive theme we’ll see playing out over the next year while the energy of this square is active. Soooooo on that note, remember how I said in my October newsletter that we would start seeing the effects of the approaching Saturn/Neptune square by the end of October even though this formation wouldn’t be exact until late November? Well almost right on cue, it appears we have been given Exhibit A: The recent news surrounding young social media maven Essena O’neill.

Essena is a 19 year old Australian girl who was, until very recently, a rising star of Instagram, Youtube, etc.. Just a few days ago she made headlines for abruptly decrying how “Social media is not real life” through exposing the illusory nature of her carefully crafted Instagram pics et al and then subsequently quitting social media. If you really want to get a clearer feel for this astro-energy, do an internet search of her name and read some of the news stories concerning this hoopla.

If you hadn’t heard of her up until now, don’t worry because neither had I.  I am by no means a pop-culture junkie, but I do find it useful to attune myself to it on occasion purely for the purposes of more clearly illustrating the workings of key astrological energies. And when this story floated up to my consciousness, all I saw was the Saturn/Neptune square in action. The tearful video explaining the pressure that she felt to project herself a certain way, the selfie she took and re-captioned “THERE IS NOTHING REAL ABOUT THIS”….one key thing this square does is distort our perception of reality, and it appears Miss O’neill is tired of it all and wants to “keep it real” so to speak. The effects of this square are a lot like a record scratch; a sudden and full stop where the music suddenly cuts out. Or a buzzkill – pick your metaphor. The point is this square represents a time where we can and should expect the ManBehindTheCurtainGreat and Powerful Oz to be exposed as simply being “the man behind the curtain” – he isn’t really a wizard and certainly shouldn’t be anyone’s guru/messiah (more to come on that line of thought later)…it is only an illusion. Or perhaps more accurately: a projection based upon what we WANT to believe. But if and when it doesn’t serve our Highest Good to believe in a False Prophet, rest assured the energies of this square will help to provide us with a little reality check.

Now there is a flip to Essena’s story in that many are calling it a publicity stunt. The point is not whether it is or it isn’t; the point is there absolutely IS a kernel of Truth in her message regardless under the Saturn/Neptune Square.


Under The Saturn/Neptune Square: Estranged

Have you ever had the surreal experience of seeing somebody that you “used to know” from afar? Time and distance causing their familiarity to erode and making them virtually unrecognizable to you, almost as if they had been a complete stranger? And I don’t mean the physical appearance changing so much; rather that the path of your soul’s development and theirs seems to have diverged so widely for so long there is a profound disconnect where barely even a dim spark of recognition can be made. It’s as if you are worlds…or perhaps oceans…apart.

It is a strange thing indeed, like stepping into some sort of temporal vortex.

On that note, speaking of time warps – I am considering the phrase “Use Your Illusion” (referencing of course the Guns N’ Roses albums of the same name) an appropriate and totally relevant theme for the approaching Saturn/Neptune Square. Astro-geeks will appreciate knowing the first album was recorded as Neptune and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn. Fast-forward 26 years and here we are with these two planets squaring one another from Pisces and Sagittarius, respectively – echoes of the past haunting the present…


If You Consider Yourself “Spiritual”, Please Read This

So it’s Public Service Announcement time, as we are officially gearing up for the first exact square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces on November 26th, 2015. One huge theme that keeps resurfacing in my consciousness with this square is the idea that we had damn well better be practicing whatever it is we’re preaching and doing our best to get a handle on any behaviors that might be considered *ahem* hypocritical, as one of the things Saturn presents to us in Sagittarius is lessons regarding honesty!

The hazard with Neptune involved in an ongoing, contentious serious of squares to this planet is that it’s very easy to become delusional about whether or not we’re “getting right” in a spiritual sense, so this is a really good time to start looking at any possible incongruity between what we believe and how we put this into practice so we don’t wind up with egg on our face. Or worse – Saturn in Sagittarius represents the good reputation and with Neptune’s tidal waves repeatedly crashing against it over the next year, our good social standing could well be washed out to sea if we aren’t careful. Saturn + Neptune would have us get real about our own human faults and foibles – especially in a moral or spiritual sense – and do the work needed to keep us humble and honest; ensuring we’re not applying some kind of feigned high principle or double standard and then fooling ourselves about it. NoBullsOur belief structure and how we apply it comes into question, and we while we may try to pull the wool over our own eyes, there’s a good chance Divinity will see what we’re up to & provide adequate consequences that will serve as a bit of a “reality check” under this series of squares – this may or may not come in the form of someone else calling us on our bullshit.   😉

So consider this fair warning.

But instead of getting defensive about it and slipping into self-protective denial that there may, in fact, be a problem, this may be a challenge to take a hard and honest look at ourselves and our spirituality. We don’t have to beat ourselves up about it, either – we ALL make mistakes! But the goal is to work on anything that might be preventing us from staying on the spiritual straight-and-narrow, and in this instance the best approach is leading by example. We can lecture and/or sermonize all day long, but the REALLY hard part involves applying the same spiritual rules to OURSELVES. It’s not going to be enough to just pay a high moral or ethical standard or ideal lip service with this energy; we have to roll up our sleeves and actually apply it to our own lives. The takeaway? Hard and honest (yet compassionate) self-reflection does us good now – remember, this is only the first of 3 exact squares we’re facing, so we have a long way to go yet. These squares will be the prevailing influence from now until the latter part of 2016, so if we’ve somehow gotten spiritually off-track, there is still plenty of time to right the ship.


Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces

This is a perfect little clip for the impending squares between Saturn in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces, the first hit of which will be happening in late November 2015. Do watch, because it will give you a pretty good feel for the contrast we have going on with these two astrological energies.

Note the clock (Saturn) sternly tolling in the middle of the segment, LOL…

So what have we learned from Cinderella and how does this apply to the astrology of the Saturn/Neptune squares of 2015 – 2016? I think the first theme of these squares center around the notion of staying strong in your belief and protecting your faith in your dreams, even when this is being challenged. With Saturn, a delay or obstacle shouldn’t be misconstrued as a denial – difficulty is NOT an indicator to throw our hands in the air and just give up! In reality, while I would indeed add a proviso onto the premise that if we just “keep on believing, a dream that [we] wish will come true” and state that we’re also going to need a hefty tub of Elbow Grease (work) to make it happen, the core takeaway is to protect our vision; whether it be personal OR vocational. And incidentally it IS worth noting how I did mention elsewhere that I do see this square as a potential indicator of professional disillusionment and a subsequent quest for meaningful vocation; particularly for two groups of people – those born circa ’86 who are just now experiencing their first Saturn Return & the ’72 – early ‘76 vintage who have Neptune in the early-mid degrees of Sagittarius and are contending with a simultaneous Neptune Square. Though we are all dealing with this to a greater or lesser extent over the next year+ depending upon which planets or points in our individual charts are being impacted, these specific age brackets are especially sensitized as a whole.

But I digress…my point is a challenge in manifesting our dream should be thought of as a philosophical test to hammer out how we might perhaps be seeing things the wrong way; where our well-intentioned implementation or execution of that vision is for some reason askew and thus cannot yield the results we wish to achieve if we were to leave it as-is. We may need a better, more supportive framework to protect that dream and make sure it will stand the test of time rather than allow it to be gradually eroded away via negligence like a sandcastle completely bereft of a seawall left standing at the water’s edge when the tide is coming in. When we seem to hit a wall, we must utilize a certain degree of intuitive wisdom to sense how to keep things fluid and able to adapt to shifting conditions while also recognizing the necessity of having a safe and sturdy container (a form) to hold that dream so it doesn’t wind up slowly seeping out and disappearing into the ground beneath our feet.

For this reason, I am equating the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces with the concept of  imagineering a better system – the difficulties we encounter may just be a prompting from The Universe that we need to go about things another way if we’re looking to turn that dream into a reality; perhaps by adjusting our plan, methodology, etc. for optimum functionality. During these squares we simultaneously have to learn how to flow/float while keeping ourselves tied off to a beneficial anchoring structure/framework of some kind…an interesting proposition for sure! It’s a bit like cave diving – even the most skilled divers know it’s easy to lose your way underwater if you don’t have a literal guideline to follow. Vision can be totally obscured by silt, the current can shift and carry you away….the point is drifting is not advised! So whether we are attempting to manifest a vision that is personal or professional during this square (which will run more or less continuously from late 2015 – late 2016), it is certainly good to keep this in mind.

With this test – as is usually the case with anything Saturn-related – if we don’t throw in the towel and give up when we encounter hardship, our persistence is usually rewarded 9 times out of 10. I say “usually” because if there IS a firm and repeated spiritual “no” involved w/ Saturn in Sagittarius, we can absolutely be sure it is for our own good – maybe Divinity has something better in mind that we just can’t see with our narrow focus. Maybe that dream we so badly want to come true is actually too confining for us…perhaps our imagination had certain limits we weren’t aware of and so we couldn’t dream what else might be possible due to certain contextual limitations. We could be blind, for example, to how the realization of that fantasy could actually somewhere down the line potentially restrict opportunities or stunt growth.

The point is, we may lack the capacity to understand the spiritual reason or lesson at the time, but I assure you that it IS there! I believe in the wisdom of The Universe and trust it fully, and I don’t think as mere mortals we can ever possibly pretend to know what the Divine Design is, exactly, because this would take all of the magic out of life. So if we work hard to realize a dream during the squares between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, making many sacrifices only to have it not to come true, we must at least stay strong in the belief that The Universe knows what it’s doing. Sometimes the “no” is because life has something better in store for us at a later date; something beyond the bounds of our current level of understanding that will become clear to us possibly years later. The blessing about having Saturn involved with Neptune is that our life lessons tend to be delivered with an infinite amount of mercy and compassion, even if there is a delay in the realization of this fact ❤



Learning To Fly w/ Saturn In Sagittarius

Though Sagittarius is currently getting a brief reprieve from Saturn’s energy until September 17th due its temporary backtrack into Scorpio, I find the effects of this energy still lingering on my mind nonetheless. There is a particular a visual image conjured forth when I contemplate Saturn in Sagittarius – it is that of a bush pilot skillfully navigating through dicey terrain; soaring toward an as-yet unknown landing zone in some remote, aboriginal destination. Sadge has long been associated with air travel, and with Saturn as our captain it seems we are indeed learning to fly in a metaphorical sense.

Being this planet squares Neptune in Pisces a total of three times between now and late 2016, we should expect this could turn out to be a water landing, so hopefully you will come prepared for this possibility and thus equip your aircraft with pontoon floats. In a figurative sense, the ground beneath our feet is not solid at all during these squares; rather it is liquid. Consequently, conditions such as this can make it difficult to gain traction; however this is not the point. As is always …Read More…

Another Cautionary Tale For Saturn In Sadge!

The Pulitzer Prize for journalism, inverted.
The Pulitzer Prize for journalism, inverted.

And the journalism debacle continues, folks…..! We’ve already spoken in a previous post about the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius on reporters as a whole and how Saturn is basically putting them on the stand and requiring that they tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But just a few short weeks after Saturn halted movement and turned retrograde in a square to Neptune, guess what has popped up on the radar? Disgraced journalist Judith Miller recently had a book published – The Story: A Reporter’s Journey. For those not familiar with her work, Ms. Miller became a household name for her coverage of the Iraq War and came under fire very publicly for her role in reporting on supposed “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq that were never actually there. Uh, whoopsie!

It seems she might have been seeking redemption and to clear her good name – supposedly this book was going to “set the record straight”. But that didn’t quiiiiiite happen!

Critics have been….um, shall we say, vocal…in voicing their disgust with the book. Apparently it was received by readers as being heavy with excuses for her conduct/poor judgement as a reporter during the Iraq War. And when you’re a journalist who has already screwed up pretty bad to the point that your credibility has been shredded and your level of respectability within your chosen profession has virtually become nil, needless to say the very last thing you would want to do during Saturn in Sadge is put out a book that gives people the impression of anything less than a complete “mea culpa”.


You don’t shift blame, you don’t offer up half-assed excuses for your conduct, you don’t go on the defense….you suck it up, say you were wrong, apologize, and then most importantly, you ask for the ability to EARN FORGIVENESS back! This is an important concept with Saturn making 3 exact squares to Neptune between now and late 2016 – when you do wrong and/or make a mistake, if you want people to trust you again it means you are actually going to have to earn (Saturn) that forgiveness (Neptune) and work at it. You don’t just get to wave a magic wand and think all will be forgiven, heavens no! You have to acknowledge that it will take time, and that you will have to make consistent and repeated efforts before people will find you trustworthy again.

But if you err on the Neptune side of the equation and make nebulous statements about how the whole thing was nobody’s fault, really, or how it was supposedly all just a big misunderstanding ….well, nobody’s really going to want to hear that! Saturn says,“Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to JAIL!” OK…maybe not *literally* jail in all cases, but rest assured if you are a reporter the penalties for *not* “getting with the program” are inclined to be very stiff during the next 2 1/2 years. People are going to be hard on you, mostly because you deserve it if you’re caught lying or if you blab on in a book about your biggest career failure (which, by the way, was BECAUSE of a credibility issue) without actually accepting real and direct accountability for that transgression. As a Capricorn Sun (governed by Saturn), Miller really SHOULD know better!

But yes, people are rightfully going to be tough on those who fall on the wrong side of this energy. On that note, I must mention the reviews – this New York Times piece on Miller’s book by Terry McDermott is virtually saturated with the energy of Saturn/Neptune square – especially the last two lines of it. Then there’s one of the more interesting (and politically controversial) reviews, which with one line pretty much sums up the current state of journalism during these Saturn-in-Sadge-with-Neptune-in-Pisces times “…the media is no longer capable of finding the facts, much less reporting them honestly”.

As I’ve said, Brian Williams may have been the first reporter casualty to be felled by his own hand during Saturn in Sagittarius, but he definitely won’t be the last. We now have Judith Miller apparently digging herself a deeper hole with the release of this book and sacrificing herself upon the Saturn-Neptune altar.

Who’s next?